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How To Deal With Pain From Storms

Living with chronic pain has many challenges.  My normal level of pain has been topped by my recent experiences with Sciatica and Shingles.  My Shingles episode is almost over.  The nerve pain has decreased tremendously!


The Shingles has dried up and soon will be gone.  And, good riddance!  The pain from Sciatica has been a little better and I’ve been using much less Advil.  This is a relief, because I worry about my kidneys.

After seeing the Rheumatologist on Friday, I was relieved that my kidney and liver numbers were in the normal range.  All of the abnormal numbers were still the same, but not in a severe range.  I’ll be speaking to my GP about this next month.

The rheumatologist didn’t make any medication changes, except to reduce my muscle relaxers during the daytime.  She thought that this change could improve my energy levels.  She hopes that the Plaquenil increase will produce a stronger effect over the next few months.  It’s hard that auto-immunity drugs take so long before the effectiveness is evident.

The dentist found two very tiny cavities yesterday.  Ah, the joys of Sjogren’s Syndrome!  I’ll have those fixed soon, and he said that I won’t need any pain shots.  That is a relief!  My mouth dryness has been worse lately.  My eyes have been worse, too.  We rearranged our living room furniture so that I’m closer to the tv.  I really couldn’t see it well.

We live close enough to the hurricane that we’re bracing for lots of extra rain. I dread the storms, because that always means extra pain.  Rain storms also bring me headaches, and sometimes, migraines.  Because of this, I have to have everything ready to fight back against this extra pain. You’ll see my favorite ways below:


These are the easiest ways to reduce pain or stop it.  There are lots of other ways, and you probably have your favorite.  During storms, if the power doesn’t go out, it’s relaxing to watch tv.  I enjoy having the tv on sports, good movies, and funny shows.  Laughter is great for helping some people forget about their pain for a little while.  Of course, when you feel bad enough, tv and lights are just too much.  Peaceful, quiet rooms are better during a migraine.

We all have to do what helps us.  Try different things, and don’t give up.  And, on those days when you just can’t cope, go ahead and cry.  Never give up that tomorrow will be better.  That hope is what helps us to get through the worst days.  I always pray for God’s help and I am comforted by His mercy.

I hope you have a low-pain day and weekend.  God bless.

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