Disclosure: I was provided the course, in order to review it.  Affiliate link included.

31 Days

Years ago, I began writing this blog as a way of expressing my feelings about chronic illness.  This has been tremendously helpful in my journey.  I never had any guidelines or advice to make it easier or more personally profitable.

The course, 31 Days of Expressive Writing for Chronic Illness and Pain, offers those of us with chronic illness and pain the perfect guide to express ourselves.  The topics covered in this course are just right for me, because they’re designed to especially benefit those of the Christian faith.

The topics are: Tell Your Story, Grief and Emotions, Faith, Relationships, and Strength Hope and Joy Goals.  These topics are certainly important and have been applicable to every part of my chronic illness journey.

The author gives us three different options for completing the course.  This is helpful, because many times a course seems impossible to complete, when you look at it from the beginning.  But, she makes it clear that doing a little bit at a time is a great way and there is no perfect way to take the course.


If you’re like me, doing the course every day may not work out, because some days I just am too sick to write expressively.  I like the overall design of the course and how it’s very methodical and structured, without being boring.

Each topic, question, and prompt has been applicable to me as a person with multiple chronic illnesses.  The author has complimented the course with journaling, drawing, and referencing appropriate Scripture.  All of these methods of expressive writing have benefited me greatly.

From the beginning of the course, where the author explains the whys and hows, you’ll be introduced gently to each topic.  She also admits that the course takes work.  The type of work needed is honest reflection and thinking deeply about each issue.  Chronic Illness certainly puts us in a place that makes it easier for us than the average person to participate in this type of mental and emotional work.


I really appreciated the course and would recommend it to others of you with chronic pain and illness.  At the end of the course, where goals are written about, we conclude our expressions, as they are an ongoing type of growth.  I’ve welcomed this hard journey of growth and have been blessed to live with chronic illness and pain.  I encourage you to experience growth with this course, too.

@2018, copyright Lisa Ehrman