Chronic Illness

Testing Shmesting

Testing is necessary and can bring results that are vital.  But, testing comes with many problems.  I am dealing with some interesting ones.


Last week I saw an autonomic specialist. The location was far from home, so Hubby and I had to drive up and get a hotel.  We ended up having to spend a lot of money to drive and stay there.  We took our dog with us, which caused even more inconvenience.  During the appointment, I spent a long time with the doctor answering many questions.  Then, the doctor had me take a blood-test.  Actually, they took 21 vials of blood to test it for numerous things.

Now, I’m heading back to the same place for autonomic tests.  We’ll again have a long drive and lodging fees.  We’re boarding the dog, which costs even more.  Plus, I worry about my sweet Archie being at the boarding place.  But, the worst thing about this testing is that I have to withdraw from many of my medicines.

Medicine withdrawal comes with many issues.  Stopping my muscle relaxers brings pain, and lots of it.  They asked me to stop my Cymbalta cold-turkey for the 7 days prior.  I knew from reading about this, that it was a very bad idea.  I tried it for two days, but on the second day realized that it was going to be impossible.  I had a severe headache and felt like vomiting.


I decided to take half of my dose.  That didn’t seem too bad on the first day, but it went downhill from there.  I’m having side-effects of: headaches, much worse pain in my joints, and zaps.  The zaps feel like tiny electric shocks all over my body.  This is getting worse every day.  I also am having really bad brain function….my brain isn’t functioning too well.

I’m not thinking well and my memory is terrible.  My spelling and typing is worse than ever!  Withdrawal from Cymbalta is so bad that there are numerous class-action lawsuits against it.  The pharmaceutical company never told doctors how bad the withdrawal from this drug is.  It takes most people from 4 months to a year to get off of the drug, and I was asked to do it in a week.


Oh, well.  After the autonomic testing Monday, I’ll have to go back another time for a lip biopsy.  This is to test for Sjogren’s Syndrome.  I also have more blood tests to take in my hometown lab.  We’re trying to take all these tests before December 31st, because my insurance changes.  I was forced to change to a policy that will no longer cover these out-of-town specialists.  UGH!

Hopefully, the tests will show something useful, because I’m not doing this for fun…..

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