How To Get The Courage To Homeschool High School

Homeschool Highschool

So many parents don’t have the courage to homeschool their children through the high school years.  Because of that lack of courage, many parents automatically think they must now enroll their children in a school system.  But, there are ways to boost your courage.  You can homeschool any grade.

You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

Have you homeschooled your child through the early grades completely alone?  Or, did you utilize the benefits that community can offer?  Most parents are involved in groups, co-ops, online tutoring, one-on-one tutoring, and other methods to help educate their children.  Whether your husband or mother-in-law takes a subject or two to teach, it doesn’t matter.  It’s great to have help!

Going it alone in my high school homeschool would have been a disaster.  My education didn’t provide me with the ability to teach advanced math or science courses.  Hiring tutors was worth every penny.  Because of all the available resources, there is no need to fear getting the help you need.

You’ve Homeschooled This Far

Have you homeschooled your child through the middle school years and survived?  If your child has enjoyed success at home this many years, you can continue to homeschool them in high school, too.  Parents need to continue doing the things that worked in the early years.  If there are methods or organizational tools that weren’t as successful as you would like, now is the time to find ones that are better.

Effective Planning Will Bring Success

Plan as far ahead of time as you possibly can. Read, read, and read.  Read about students like yours.  Read about students who were able to achieve their dreams. The 1st Edition of The Well Trained Mind (check eBay, used-bookstore, or your library for copies) was my resource for many things.  But, the guidelines for high school were undoubtedly key for me.  I used this book as a guide for preparing my children for college.

Parents think that they know what their child will be doing in ten years, but no one really knows.  It’s best to prepare them with the most difficult curriculum choices to encourage growth.

Providing them all the courses in a robust high school curriculum will expose them to higher levels of thought.  Even if they don’t excel in certain areas, they can still benefit from all types of learning.  Go ahead and pursue higher STEM courses.  Two things will definitely happen: they’ll do better than you thought and their confidence can grow.  This will happen if you explain to them that your expectations are for them to try.  Not every child will do as well as others in certain subjects.

A child may do fair in math, but excel in composition.  Another child may do well in physics, but understanding art or drawing may not be his thing.  Exposing children to everything will still help them be better prepared for life.

Never fear the high school years in your homeschool.  They are the most fulfilling and challenging years to teach (or facilitate learning).  I’m very thankful that I had those years at home with my children.

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  1. I loved this article. I have 4 kids and am schooling our last one through high school. It is very rewarding.

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