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Throwdown Edition

Does your family love games as much as mine?  We’ve been known to spend entirely too many hours fighting out a great game of Monopoly.  Some games can get a little too competitive, but now this one.  Watch Ya’ Mouth Throwdown Edition is just a laugh-producing, silly, and fun game that we love!

When I saw the ads for this game, I couldn’t help but laugh.  These poor competitors, trying to talk, was just hilarious!  It made me want to try this with my family.  Thanks to this promotion, I was able to try it and share my views with you.


Here’s a sample of how this game works:  This family really enjoyed it!  Watch Ya’ Mouth is the super funny Mouth Guard game.  The Throwdown Edition offers throwdowns (or challenges).  You’ll get 100 cards with new and hilarious challenges that pit player against player.

You can have 4-10 players to play this game.  It comes with 10 multi-colored mouth pieces.  6 are adult sized and 4 are small for children.  You’ll also get 42 phrase cards, 4 straws, 4 noisemakers, 2 balls, a dice and timer.  Everything is included to play!

Grab your friends, a pen, paper and some spoons to blast off into a jolly-good time with this match-up!

Watch Ya Mouth

When you open the board game box, you’ll find all these wonderful game pieces: 2 large packs of cards, dice, timer, 4 straws, blowers and mouthpieces.  I quickly found that my mouth is so small, I’ll need to use the child-size mouth piece.


Now, it was time to start the fun!  My family had a blast playing the Watch Ya’ Mouth Throwdown Edition.  We played and fought hard!  It was hilarious to see each other with these mouth-pieces and try to understand what each of us was saying.  And, I was really terrible at this, which made my family laugh even more!


To make it easier for you to try this game with your family, I’m thrilled to share this discount savings code with you:

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