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Spending the Christmas Holidays at the Hospital

Testing must be my Christmas gift this year….(sarcasm).  I arrived yesterday for my Lip Biopsy and was a little nervous.  The plastic surgeon numbed my lip quickly and then proceeded with the biopsy.  He talked me through the procedure, which was helpful.  I’m not sure, but it seemed as if the young assistant had trouble holding my lips open far enough.  She had her hands pulling very hard to make the incision, but the doctor kept saying “gently, gently”.

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This went on for quite some time before he made the incision.  This seemed to be very painful, because my entire face wasn’t numb.  I have a small mouth, so this could have been a problem.  I closed my eyes, not wanting to see the scalpel coming towards my face.  They kept tugging on my lips.

Then, I started having a spell.  I got very hot and started having the tingling all over.  I got dizzy and then very hot.  I felt like I was just about to black out, and moaned a little.  The doctor said, “are you ok?”  and I moaned a “no”.   He told the assistant to go and get the other nurse.

He then tilted the table down so my head was lower and I just was overcome with sweating.  Then, I started to feel better.  He finished the procedure and stitched me up.  I was really glad that I didn’t completely black out.  They were very slow to sit me up.  After a cup of water and a few minutes, they let me leave.

This numbing wore off quickly and the pain was pretty bad.  I was to only take Tylenol, so I began taking some.  Now, I’m only allowed soft foods for 24 hours.  We had prepared for this by bringing a cooler of jello and dairy-free yoghurt.

Day 2 here brought me to see the neurologist’s NP for a follow-up of all the findings.  Since the lip-biopsy results haven’t been found yet, they gave me all the results they have, so far.

They believe that I have Small-Fiber Neuropathy.  It seems to them, that this is caused by Sjogren’s Syndrome.  They also want me to see the Rheumatologist to diagnose Lupus.  The blood work showed that this was a probable diagnosis.  Treatments for both are similar and they’re not sure which is primary.

They next realized that the EMG test was never scheduled.  They have an opening for tomorrow, so now we have to spend another night here.  We don’t have a change of clothes, but have no other choice.  If we put off the test until January, our new insurance won’t pay for it.

So, now I have this painful test tomorrow and then I rush home to have an all-night sleep study test.  Christmas is not supposed to be this way!  Thanks to rotten insurance, we have to cram all these tests into the few days before Christmas.  I should be grateful for the ability to schedule them now, but I also want to be home.

There is still shopping and cooking to do for Christmas Eve and day.  I hope and pray that I’ll have some energy after all this to create nice meals for my family.  I’m sure that when Christmas arrives, I’ll be thankful for the end of these tests and the happy moments spent with loved-ones.

God bless you as you are busy preparing for the holidays ahead.  I hope you are enjoying every moment of the Christmas season!

@2017, copyright Lisa Ehrman


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