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gift of 5

In this hurry, scurry age, it’s so difficult to keep the Spirit of Christmas alive in our hearts and homes.  Each year things get busier and more stressful.  We all talk about keeping the true spirit of Christmas alive, but it’s really a tough challenge.

Some of the things that bog down my family during the Christmas season are really “good” things.  There are numerous activities to participate in that are worthy of our time: church activities, musicals, plays, parades, charity functions, school programs, recitals, concerts, and on and on.  As parents, it’s our job to make it all work.  But, we can’t do it all, nor should we.

In our homes, we must be the guardian of the Spirit of Christmas.  We must plan our days and stick to our plan.  It’s much better to select just a few Christmas events and truly enjoy them.  It does no good to dread Christmas, just because it means we’ll be exhausted!

When we want to create an atmosphere in our homes of celebrating Christ’s birth, our desire should be followed up by real action.  Taming the Spirit of “me, me” is really hard.  But, setting parameters for our family makes all the difference.

In the adorable and simple book, The Gift Of 5: Keeping The Spirit Of Christmas Alive, author Brandice Petr shares her vision for families.  She suggests that each child will receive only 5 gifts under the Christmas tree.  Each gift has a specific plan and purpose.  I love her simple graphics and message.

I hope that you and your family will also enjoy reading this charming book and take it’s message to heart.  The book will help you put your plan into action and you can keep the Spirit of Christmas alive!