The Smart Fitness Planner: Fitness For Life

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The Smart Fitness Planner

Fitness Makeovers Are For Life, Not just for Summer! 

Track 365 Days of Progress

Do you have a fitness plan?  We all want to be fit, but it’s so hard to get started and then, reach our goals.  Since I’ve had such a terrifically hard time getting fit, I was very excited to review this new program.

Agreeing with the author that “fitness makeovers are for life”, I also understand that I won’t have exactly a quick fix.  Life is forever, and I want to have a fitness plan that works at the beginning and over the long term.  I may start a little slower than other folks, and this planner allows for that.

The Smart Fitness Planner comes in a digital edition or a soft-copy with great spiral binding that lies flat.  I’m reviewing the digital version, but also can print out any pages (or all of them).  I like being able to print the pages, and can do it as often as I want.


The planner takes me through the very beginning stages of planning for my fitness makeover.  I must ask myself why I want to have a fitness makeover.  There are written prompts that make it obvious that I should think through this journey, so that I will have a successful plan and follow-through.

Instead of focusing on the scale, I was told to take body measurements.  This is because that will show a better indication of my body’s improvement in fitness.  I really like this focus.  The planner takes me through 365 days of planning my exercise, activity and  that burns calories.

The goal setting pages are my favorite.  The author helped me to set my goals and break them down into smaller goals.  Using this planner and calendars will make it easy to be accountable to myself.  I’m excited about trying to reach my goals.  My goals may be smaller than some, but that’s what’s so wonderful about the planner.  We all must start where we are and plan our own individual fitness goals.  That’s the only way to reach our best level of fitness.

I would recommend this planner to anyone who needs a plan to get fit.  It is a planner that anyone can use and love.

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  1. Smart indeed, setting wise and clever goals are important.

  2. This sounds good to me

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