Disclosure: I was provided an online program to review.  Although this was a sponsored post, with affiliate link included, I am presenting an opinion that is 100% my own.

We Care

Homeschooling families have many decisions to make.  They are looking for the best curriculum for their children.  Most homeschool families are looking for the best value when they purchase curriculum.  Math programs can often be very expensive, with many books and resources to purchase.  And, what makes it more expensive is that each child needs a separate curriculum bundle.

If you’re like most, you would prefer to have everything included and easy to use.  Would you like to find a math curriculum that does everything for you?  This math program has Video Lessons, Interactive Reviews, Worksheets and Chapter Tests, Automatic Grading & Tracking, Reports, and more.

Does this sound expensive to you?  Family Math Package includes first through sixth grade, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra I for one inclusive price.  And, with the We Care initiative, the Family Math Package can fit any budget.



1-student Family Math Package Regular price is $79 but the families can request any amount they are able to pay.

2 to 10 student Family Math Package Regular price is $149 but the families can request any amount they are able to pay.

Yes, it’s amazing that We Care is offering this option for families on a tight budget.  They want to help all of your children study math with their easy-to-use interactive program.  This program will help to give your children a strong foundation in math. This Math curriculum frees up the homeschool teacher by doing all the work for you.

I was able to try the program myself and was impressed at the ease of use.  Also, the program had thorough teaching and activities.  The main page allows the students and parents access to everything:

  • Lesson plans
  • Interactive Questions and Answers
  • Printables
  • Worksheets
  • Curriculum Book
  • Solutions
  • Online Exams
  • Review Exams


I love the administrative panel for parents.  This feature helps you to keep track of each child’s progress.  It shows you their completion status and grades.  It gives you reports, too.  Then, you can keep track of each child’s records.  With the Parental Controls feature, parents can even customize the program to their child’s learning style.  I liked the entire layout of the program and how it covered each term and topic well.

Visit the program and see for yourself how the Family Math Package can benefit your homeschool family.  If you click on my blue links, you may submit a request, specifying how much you can pay for the Family Math Package.  Then, you’ll be sent a discount code to order your curriculum!  You’ll be thankful for the We Care program and how it can save your family lots of money!

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