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Electric Motor Catalyst

Would you like to find the perfect gift for your child?  If your goal is to give a gift that causes your child to think, be creative, and spend hours having fun, you’ll want to consider the Electric Motors Catalyst!

Tinkering Labs is the creation of Gever Tulley, who was the father of the tinkering movement.  He started the Tinkering School in 2005, and now has 1,00 students.  In 2011, he started Brightworks!  Brightworks is the most innovative school in the world, with kids learning in a treehouse, among other great ideas.

The Electric Motors Catalyst has 50 parts, including real wood, real hardware, and real motors.  Kids can build and then take it apart and build something else.  This super kit can help kids be creative forever!  The kit comes with 10 Challenge Cards to inspire kids to design, build, and test their own inventions.

This kit can be purchased at Amazon, where it’s in the top 10 toys in it’s class.  The kit can also be purchased at TinkeringLabs.com.

I’m really amazed at all the wonderful things this kit can produce.  The videos and pictures have provided me with a lot of inspiration as I share this kit with you.  This creation by a child was enhanced by the Electric Motors Catalyst.  Watch and see:


Here’s what comes in this amazing kit:

Electronic Components – 2 electric motors with wires that detach, battery pack with switch, and batteries

Wooden Components – 1 wooden chassis, 12 wheels, 6 wooden connectors

Tons of hardware and connectors

Tools and Supplies – Everything your child needs, including safety glasses

Storage – storage bag and tin

Lots of extras!


I hope that you’ll check out Tinkering Labs and see how your children can benefit from the building and designing that comes with this super tinkering toys.  You’ll see the Egg Scrambler, Robots, paddle wheel, and propellors.  And, these are just a few of the creative ideas that children have come up with.

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