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Doctors: I’ve Had It

I’ve had it!  Doctors!  My initial skin biopsy showed that there was a likely diagnosis of Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma.  When the final call came from the dermatologist today, he said that it was possible, but not a definite diagnosis.

What does that mean?  He said that the biopsy showed a suspicion of CTCL.  What?  Give me a break!  The dermatologist saw this same rash four years ago, and looked at it and waved his hand, “oh, it’s just eczema”.

Now, I’ve had the rash for 7 years with no help in sight.  The recommendation is for me to use steroid cream for a month, and see him in 6 weeks.  Is he for real?  Steroid cream (that I already have in my medicine cabinet) can be used to treat CTCL, along with other treatments.  But, if it helps, won’t he just wave his little hand and say “just eczema”?

I’ve had it!  I’m asking for a referral to oncology.  With all my abnormal blood tests and a biopsy pointing to CTCL, I need an opinion from someone who can maybe put all the pieces together to form a diagnosis.  I’ve had it with, “use this cream, and we’ll wait and see”.  Seven years is long enough!

Since 2000, I’ve been dismissed, neglected, and told to wait every single time.  Do these doctors care? No, they don’t.  Would they let their family members be put off over and over?  I think not.

It’s past time for me to get to the bottom of all this fatigue, pain, rashes, and misery.  I plan on this squeaky wheel getting some grease.  Someone is going to solve this puzzle.  I don’t plan on them putting me on hold when I could be living with cancer.

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  1. Calvin

    Hope you by now you got the speedy diagnosis. Not all doctors are good but not all are bad either.

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