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April Prompts: Marvelling, Continuing, Splurging, Balancing, and Investing

I’m happy to join A Chronic Voice in her monthly prompts.  As chronic-illness bloggers, we value each other in the ways we can learn and grow reading about each others’ experiences.  April has been a trying month so far, but I look forward to better days.

april promts


I do truly marvel at the unbelievable roadblocks that stop people with chronic illness from receiving medical help!  I marvel at the horrible effects caused by our countries healthcare system.  Because I’m no longer able to work, I must purchase private insurance from the marketplace.  Because the good insurance companies pulled out of my region, I’m left with only one company.  This company is local and limits everything.  I have high deductibles and almost no choices of doctors.

Having many chronic diseases, I need to see specialists, which are out-of-network.  I must meet 14,000 in deductibles before these doctors are considered in network.  So, to get good health care, I must pay out-of-pocket.  I marvel that there are no rheumatologists in my network, and no dermatologists who will take new patients.

I’m marvelling at the fact that to see a doctor who can diagnose me, I must travel out of state, and pay this in full.  I marvel in the fact that doctors just don’t give a rip.


Because of medical bills piling up, we can’t really splurge.  But, hubby was so sweet this weekend.  He went out and got me a beautiful rose!  My favorite roses are pink, and he knew I needed cheering up.  After I had talked to my do-nothing doctor, I was pretty much a basket case.  When biopsies say “cancer”, I want to see some action.  So, this little splurge was lovely.



I’m continuing to pray.  My emotional state is ugly.  I live in constant pain and have severe fatigue, but doctors are putting me off.  My sjogren’s diagnosis has been delayed until June.  I’m a person who doesn’t like to argue with doctors, and I usually play-down the seriousness of my condition.  I don’t mean to do this, but because of my upbringing I just do it anyway.  Now that my (chronicillness) back is against the wall, I have to come out fighting for myself.

Going against a doctor’s wishes or getting a second opinion is nerve-wracking for me.  I’ve been shaking all morning, because doing this makes me a nervous wreck.  I started the process for a second opinion and will continue to fight to get it.


Balancing life is so hard when you aren’t functioning.  Physical activities don’t get done very often.  Hubby and I were trying to organize the garage.  I sit at a table and he brings me boxes to go through.  If I get up and down myself, I can’t work without a full- day of rest.  I guess I balance my life as much as I can.


After investing more money in my blogging business last year, it really didn’t pay off.  I would like to pursue this side of blogging more, but there is no money.  As long as my health-care is so expensive, the money goes there.

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  1. Lisa,
    I am always reminded of the woman who was plagued with a blood issue for fourteen years. The doctors had taken all of her money and didn’t help at all. She had only one hope. If only she could touch the hem of Jesus’ garment she would be healed… On those days when it seems that I will always be plagued with Meniere’s, Abigail Miller’s song comes to mind.

    1. xaoti

      Thanks for the wonderful reminder! and the beautiful song 🙂

  2. Hi, I found your link on the Chronic Voice link up 🙂

    What a lovely gesture from your husband!
    I am so sorry you have to even worry about finances when healthcare is concerned! It is shocking to me and so sad. I am eternally grateful for the NHS here in the UK – I have not had to pay for any tests or scans – I only pay for my prescriptions, and I have a discount on those too.

    I love the previous comment, a beautiful reminder. God is faithful and He knows what we need and always provides somehow. I will be praying for your situation, Lisa. Hugs

    1. xaoti

      Thank you for your visit and encouragement. I’m so glad that you have such great healthcare!!! God is very good and He will provide, for certain. No matter what happens, I can lean on Him.
      Blessings 🙂

  3. Thanks for participating in the linkup party for spoonies this month, it was really nice to read your entry! Your husband is a gem, that is indeed a super sweet gesture! Medical bills are really depressing…spending money on things we don’t even enjoy! 😡 I wish you a good rest of the month!

    1. xaoti

      Thank you, Sheryl! And, thanks for the prompts each month. I try to do these every month, but haven’t gotten it done…will keep trying 🙂

      1. No worries, there’s no pressure and I hope to keep them going. If there’s a prompt you’d like to see, let me know before I run out of ideas ;D Sending hugs and spoons! xx

        1. xaoti

          If I think of anything, I’ll send it to you. Hope you don’t run out of spoons, either 🙂

  4. Hi Lisa,

    It’s nice to meet you! I’m visiting through A Chronic Voice’s linkup party for April and I’m finding all sorts of amazing new friends and ideas. How sweet of your husband to bring you roses.

    I understand how it feels to go against a doctor’s orders, but I believe that sometimes we are better experts with our bodies than our doctors are. A few years ago, one of my doctors wanted me to try the same medication I’ve taken twice before. I didn’t have good results either time I took that medication, so I told him no. My husband was with me and he firmly agreed with me. The doctor was not happy about my choice and said that if I wasn’t willing to follow his treatment protocol, I should find another doctor.

    I had my medical binder with me that day and had my experiences on this medication color-coded from two different years in my binder, so I asked him to review that. He still thought I should give it another try, so we left and found another doctor. I’ve been with my new doctor for almost 18 months now and he’s fantastic. He also wanted me to try that medication, but when we showed him my medical binders, he thought two times was a good try and agreed we should skip it, so I knew I was with the right person. It’s hard to make these decisions on our own, but sometimes we have to go with what our hearts and brains are telling us, not what the ‘experts’ say. I use the term experts loosely here because it’s an unfortunate thing that many doctors don’t see their patients as experts in their own right.

    In any case, I wish you well and send you lots of spoons for better days.

    1. xaoti

      So nice to meet you! I’m so glad that you had your medical binder to help you plead your case. It’s a shame we have to do that, but it’s the right thing to do. Isn’t it wonderful that you’ve found a good doctor now. I’m so happy for you!!!

  5. Calvin

    Health care in Canada is good for me. I am doing well on free pharma care, coverage for most meds. It’s interesting to see what different countries have. April was also taxes month here.. I get some refunds too! It’s nice, I finally got my taxes done in time too,

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