It’s Worth It

An ordinary day with chronic illness is filled with ups and downs.  This life is hard enough when you’re in your own home, surrounded by your family.  Your routines help with keeping a steady beat in the chaotic symptoms that accompany our lives.


When traveling, it seems so much harder to deal with the pain and fatigue.  Normally, our travels are never more than one week.  But, this trip is longer and I miss my own routine back home.  It’s harder to get the rest I need and solitude that helps me to recover from pain.

If you’re like most people with chronic illness, what you eat also affects how you feel.  Being away from your own pantry is tough for your stomach.  We try to stick to our usual diet, but it’s not always possible.  As we try hard to fit in and not cause drama in the kitchen, there is a balance that’s hard to maintain.

I’ve learned to travel with some of my most-needed foods.  We also make grocery trips to purchase things that make a big difference in my diet.  This can make the changes in foods much more bearable.


My CPAP and pain gel have kept me functioning much better on the road.  Sleeping late in the morning has also helped me tremendously.  The inconveniences of being away from home are forgotten when we have beautiful visits with loved ones.  I may feel worse, but I wouldn’t give up these times for anything.

Whatever makes it harder for you to travel, you can prepare for it ahead of time.  Before you pack, make a list of all the things that help you with pain and flares.  Include all your tools and helps so that you can focus on helping yourself through tough moments.  And, don’t forget those little things that help with Self-Care.  Your body will thank you.

@2018, copyright Lisa Ehrman


  1. I take a trip several times a year. I’ve learned to travel light. You don’t have to edge yourself to one set of clothes, but convenient are ways you can travel with just one or two little bags.

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