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The Grand Days

Yesterday was a grand day in our family.  Our daughter graduated from Occupational Therapy school and will start her first job soon.  The long trip to attend this special day was so worth it!


The early morning preparation was tough, but my adrenaline made it easier.  We arrived the night before and drove to the venue early.  Parking was quite far from the door and there were many steps to climb.  I was relieved to be seated and wait for the program to start.

The graduation was beautiful and emotional.  We reminisced throughout the time, watching her march in and then cross the stage.  Hearing her name called out and seeing her receive the diploma was so satisfying.  She has worked so tremendously hard and lived in four different places as she took classes and participated in two internships.

The reward for all her work is an OT degree and a new job with a super medical team.  Her dad and I are proud, happy, and a little sad that she lives far from us.  We hope to make many more trips to visit, and pray for the strength to do that.


Arriving home after the trip brought severe pain.  Every joint and muscle was crying for help.  Much rest is coming today and tomorrow; trying to recover.  Trying to cook for a post-graduation celebration is almost impossible, but I’m doing it anyway.  Just cutting up some fruit caused my fingers to shake.  That’s a new thing for me, but I’m sure it’s just because I need to rest.

Celebrating grand moments in life is so hard with chronic illness.  I don’t want to think about myself when my loved-one is experiencing such a momentous occasion, but it can’t be helped.  My body just won’t let me celebrate without it reacting.  Yes, my body hates me.  But, I sometimes hate it back!  No, really….. I just have to survive some things.

I feel blessed beyond my ability to express it.  The love I feel for my daughter is overwhelming!  Her diligence, character, and Christ-likeness brings me into a true state of thankfulness.  God is so good!

@2018, copyright Lisa Ehrman


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  1. Larry Brodie

    You are an amazing and inspiring wife, mother, and sister in Christ! Judy and I pray for you regularly and consider it a privilege. It’s fitting that you are very proud and filled with joy over your daughter’s accomplishments. Thank you for sharing with us you trip with all it’s joy and painful struggles. We love you and your family.

    1. xaoti

      Thank you for the kind words and encouragement! You and Judy are such a blessing to me and our family and the prayers are felt each day. We all love you 🙂

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