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10 Ways To Handle Flares While Traveling

Having a bad flare is my reward for the festivities I’ve enjoyed this past week.  I haven’t bounced back yet to my normal level of pain.  I usually stay at a 5 ( in the 1-10 pain scale).  I spent a day at 8 and then I’ve been dealing with a 7 for two days.



When you have a flare like this at home it’s a little easier to deal.  At home, I stay in my pajamas all day and sleep in a quiet room.  When you’re staying at someone else’s home, there’s a pressure to hide your pain levels and smile through it.  I haven’t been totally successful at hiding my misery.

Having hips out of place has caused me to walk with a limp.  Normally, my hips are a little out 24/7, and I can still walk straight.  But, they’re worse now and the throbbing pain makes it impossible to hide.  My swollen face is pretty noticeable, too.

When the flare is this bad, I try all these things to get relief:

  • Pain-relieving gel – Can I rub this on every inch of my body?
  • Tens-Unit – I’ve kept this cranked up all the time I’m awake and it knocks the pain down a little.
  • Anti-inflammatories – Taking Advil isn’t recommended for my kidneys, but I have got to have some relief.
  • Physical Therapy exercises – Trying to move my hips into the right place, but hasn’t helped the pain.
  • Rest – Resting is good and helps me to not cause more inflammation.
  • Heating Pad – I forgot to bring this….bad idea.
  • Deep breathing – This helps when my heart is racing too often.
  • Prayer – Asking God for  relief, and help to endure the pain.
  • Massage – Hubby has been good to rub down everything.
  • Muscle-Relaxers – I would increase my dosage to full strength, if I was home.  These make me very sleepy, so I’ve not taken a full dose while traveling.


What is your go-to plan for dealing with flares?  On my next trip, I need to pack even more tools to help me through the severe pain of a flare.  I’ve not been given any true pain-medication for my conditions, though I need them.  In the present time, pain medication isn’t always easy to come by.

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert.  If you need medical assistance, please consult your personal physician.

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  1. Managing pain at home is tough but away from home is tougher. We can do our best and try to enjoy the travel.

    1. xaoti

      Yes, Wrae 🙂 We can still experience the joy and be grateful! Thanks for sharing.

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