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5 Ways to Bring Awareness to Chronic Pain

The US Pain Foundation is the organization behind the Pain Awareness Month.  Over 100 million Americans live with pain.  That breaks down to 1 in 3 adults living with pain and missing out on life.  There are many types of pain.  Some pain problems are initiated by injuries and some originates in a genetic condition or disease.

Awareness Pain

Chronic pain can be visible or invisible to those who are healthy.  The conditions I deal with are invisible: Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Osteoarthritis and Scoliosis.  Pain conditions are unique to every person and the treatments vary.  There are not enough good pain treatments and research is under-funded.

Many pain medications are harshly judged and under-prescribed.  People who don’t live with severe chronic pain don’t understand the impact this has.  Many with chronic pain are unable to work or take care of themselves.  People with chronic pain want to live a normal life, just like their healthier peers.

The US Pain Foundation is leading 5 ways to help bring awareness during the month of September: the 30-day Challenge, Proclamations, Fundraisers/Events, Beautify in Blue and Light Up the Landmarks.  The 30-Day Challenge can be found and followed on their Facebook page.

Awareness Pain

Beautify in Blue is a project in which we can attach Blue Ribbons or signs around the community to bring awareness. Light Up the Landmarks will see people all over the US light up their homes or community landmarks with blue lights.  Various government officials have signed a Proclamation to support the US Pain Foundation’s Awareness Month.  All of the Fundraisers will also bring in money to fund programs of awareness, education and support.

To learn more about the awareness month activities, visit the US Pain Foundation’s page.

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical professional.  If you have a medical problem, please consult your personal physician.

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