What Your “Home” Is NOT Telling You

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I couldn’t be more excited about a FREE event that’s launching in June — a “labor of love” from Robyn “GreenSmoothieGirl” Openshaw and Ryan Sternagel, whose infant sons both faced life-threatening illnesses at a young age.

They had to analyze every aspect of their lives to eliminate unhealthy influences, and discovered how “silently” toxic their homes truly were.

They’ve teamed up to share what they learned, as well as gathered 30+ doctors, researchers and experts to share their BEST tips about addressing toxins where you and your family spend THE MOST time, in your home!

Join me/us for The Toxic Home Transformation Summit, for free!

Robyn and Ryan have hand-picked the perfect experts to teach you to:
+ Deal with mold, bacteria and fungus
+ Keep your “toxic body burden” as low as possible
+ Address carpet, paint, furniture, air and other “indoor” toxins
+ Replace everyday products with non-toxic alternatives
+ Understand chemical exposures you never considered
+ And more!

This event will likely be one of the MOST educational, action-focused (and fun!) online events of the year — it will include HOME TOURS of many of the featured experts!

Save your FREE seat at this summit — join as my/our guest, and invite any friends who also want to reduce toxicity in the most important place on the planet: home!

See you there!


P.S. Can you imagine the incredible impact it will have on lives if each attendee at this event implements 5 simple pieces of advice? Amazing. Click here to register and personally accept the challenge!

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