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Contentment In Five Minutes

For many years I’ve read about the 15 minute rule.  You’re supposed to set the alarm for 15 minutes and work like mad to work on a chore or project.  If you do this routine often, you’d be amazed at how much you could accomplish.


As my chronic illnesses have progressed, I’ve found that if I do this for 15 minutes I will crash for the rest of the day.  I might feel alright while I’m up, but it would always hit me with symptoms of intense fatigue, shortness of breath, racing heart, and neuropathy.  I found myself  very discouraged and felt worthless at not being able to make any progress on my to-do list.

This was also a problem for me at physical therapy.  The standard appointment is 1 hour of suffering through all the exercises.  After 4 rounds of physical therapy I always felt like a failure.  Physical therapy isn’t designed for someone with lots of chronic illnesses.  It’s designed best for people overcoming injuries or recovering from surgery.  No matter how many times I tell the therapist about Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, they still assign treatment for a “normal” person.

Doing an hour of exercise puts me literally to bed for 1-3 days.  This isn’t doing me any good.  My body is not normal and things must be done on a smaller scale.  That’s why I’m trying something new.


Instead of 15 minute times of work I’m going to try 5 minutes of work.  It’s important for me to actually set the alarm on my phone because I will keep trying to go longer.  I’m just competitive enough with myself to push forward, even though I know it will hurt.

Here are some of the things I really want to do, and I can do 5 minutes of them:

  • Exercise
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Scrapbook (or at least put the photos in an album)
  • File paperwork
  • Organize a cabinet

Now, I can’t do all of these in a row.  There needs to be a good rest in between each 5 minute segment.  Some days, I may only be able to do one of these.  But, one is better than none.  And, for a person who is performance or work-oriented this makes me feel better.  When you feel defeated, don’t quit.  You just have to try another way to get it done.

I may not be able to do 5 minutes of everything.  I can’t do 5 minutes of walking, because my feet are just too bad.  Walking only 5 minutes brings severe pain to my feet.  There’s always something new that is hurting, so I have to figure out a solution.


Using a tall stool in the kitchen will let me mix up a batch of muffins without causing extra pain.  Heading to the couch to rest between steps in a recipe is often necessary.  But, in the end, there are still delicious muffins to eat.  No, I’m not superwoman.  I’m just me.  And, that’s alright.

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