Chronic Illness, Contentment

Contemplating Chronic Illness

Joining the A Chronic Voice monthly prompt link-ups is a fun way to analyze your monthly goals.  The prompt words below enable me to dig deep into thoughts I might not have explored.  So, here goes!



A life with chronic illness causes a person to think about life in a totally new way.  Change is stressful, so I need to remind myself that I’m still the same person.  I may not feel the same or even look the same, but down deep I’m the same.  Reminding myself that my character traits, my beliefs, and values are mine and will help me to persevere through a new and tougher life.


Pacing is one of the things I fail at the most.  Pacing my activities is the only way I have any control of flares.  Of course, I don’t have complete control, but the worst thing to do is to over-do it.  Since I had many years of energy before my body attacked me, I know what it’s like to be active and energetic.  I remember how it feels to accomplish things and complete everything on my to-do list.  Now, I need to pace myself every single day!


I may have not completely surrendered myself to these illnesses.  I still like to think that it’s all just a bad dream.  But, surrendering to it is important.  It’s from surrender that I can formulate a plan to improve.

Surrendering my life and will to God is an act that took place for me as a child.  Since then, I’ve been following Christ.  Being surrendered to His plan makes it possible to accept this life of pain.  I’m now able to trust Him.



We all want to improve our lives.  My biggest thing I want to improve is my fitness and weight.  Being so sedentary the last three years has brought on unwanted pounds, soft muscles, and more pain.  The extra weight has upped my bad cholesterol, blood pressure, and made me look bad.  I don’t even recognize the person in the mirror.

But, exercising has been a failure.  To improve, I must never give up.  I’ll keep trying new things and new medications to enable me to exercise.  I’m improving my diet and hope that this will help.


When I see this word I think of “go with the flow” or flowing down a river.  These thoughts sound pretty good unless you’re life is flowing through rapids filled with huge boulders.  As you quickly flow through these waters, you hit rocks, get beat-up, get sun-burned, fall out, and could easily drown.

Wouldn’t it be more fun to flow down a lazy river in an inner tube, sipping lemonade?  Oh, yes!  But, since I can’t choose my river, I need to plan ahead.  I need to wear the right equipment to make the ride easier and safer.  That’s why I go to the doctor and take medications.  That’s why I do physical therapy and exercise appropriately.  We have to use whatever we can find to make the life we have smoother.



I hope you’ll think through these prompts and see how you relate to my feelings.  Are they similar, or very different?  It’s important to slow down and contemplate our lives.

@2018, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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  1. Lisa, just found your blog through #MMBH and am looking forward to reading lots more here tomorrow. In the meantime, just wanted to invite you to read my recent post about intermittent fasting, which might be just what you’re looking for. IF is really quite amazing and has helped so many people with different conditions.

    1. xaoti

      Thanks for coming over from MMBH. Thanks for sharing your post with me. I’ve heard about this by reading some of the authors you mentioned. They have many great things to say! I’ve been following a vegan diet lately, as many diets don’t work for me: Gluten-free, paleo were not helpful. I can’t really do fasting now, because I my blood sugar gets low. I also take many medications throughout the day and evening and must eat food with them. Otherwise, I get very sick. I’ve read that fasting helps many people, though, and that is wonderful 🙂

  2. Wow, this was such a powerful post, Lisa! I really liked the part on flowing, you took it a step further than the usual ‘cliche’ and made it really powerful. The reflections on the other prompts were also very interesting, and good reminders even for myself. Thanks for participating, will definitely need to re-share this everywhere! 🙂

    1. xaoti

      Thanks, Sheryl. I love how the words sometimes bring to mind strong feelings and ideas about our struggles. Thanks for the prompts each month 🙂

  3. I enjoyed reading your answers, Lisa. I often think that my life feels like going through rapids.

    1. xaoti

      Thanks, Kathy. I know that when we’re in the rapids, it’s so exhausting emotionally. Hope you catch your breath this week and catch a patch of smooth water. 🙂

  4. Thanks for some wonderful reminders Lisa! When I read what you said about being the same person, all I could say was YES!!! I realized not too long ago that I had started to forget who I really was until I started feeling more like myself again…

    I love what your statement that “Being surrendered to His plan makes it possible to accept this life of pain.” That’s exactly how I feel. I know God will bring good out of this, and I hold on to that when I’m feeling my worst.

    1. xaoti

      Thanks for the encouragement, Terri. I’m glad that I’m not the only one with these feelings. I’ve just started new medicine, Gabapentin, and I certainly don’t feel like myself. lol I have to hold onto God now.

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