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Crazy Things I’ve Tried To Have a Normal Day

Oh, the agony of wanting to live a normal life!  Having chronic illnesses means that I can never make plans and expect to keep them.  How many hundreds of times have I RSVP’d and then had to stay home?  When it’s impossible to know if you’ll make it to the next event, you can get very frustrated or even depressed.

Normal Day

I have the best intentions and the desire to attend so many things.  I never want to miss church, parties, showers, Bible studies, sporting events, etc.  Sometimes, I even get dressed and ready to go, and then have to cancel.  My body is constantly letting me down.  I might end up feeling: dizzy, nauseated, or have a migraine or severe tension headache.  Many times an allergic reaction will keep me home.

If you have chronic illness in your life, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  Thankfully, my husband is very compassionate and understanding.  Many times he goes to church alone or stays home with me, if needed.  Those events I miss are just part of this chronic life.


Sometimes, I’ll try crazy things to “help” myself attend events.  Now, most of the time, the results aren’t what I anticipated.  I continue to try to prevent bad days anyway.  Here are some things I’ll do to save energy or “help” myself make it:

  • Rest up by doing nothing at all before the event.  I’ll sleep more and postpone any activities to save my energy.
  • Be careful with my diet to prevent allergic reactions.  This means I’ll eat a very bland diet of items that I absolutely know won’t cause any type of stomach upset or rashes.
  • Try to think positively and not get stressed.  To do this, I might only watch happy things on tv, stay away from any controversial topics and listen to peaceful music.  Consciously focusing on relaxing my muscles and breath can also be something I might try.
  • Petting my dog to relax myself is another activity that I use.


Most of the time, it doesn’t matter if I do these things or not.  I’m either going to feel like going somewhere or I’m not.  Life is weird that way when you have numerous chronic illnesses.  Your body does what it wants.  It does no good to get depressed about it.  Life is better when I just accept things as they are.  Laughing at the ridiculousness of situations is more helpful.

Do you have these same struggles?  What are some crazy things you’ve tried to make your body cooperate?  If I come up with something that works, I’ll pass it on 🙂

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