A Chronic Life Travel Pause

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What a wonderful relief to be home! Traveling is tough, but it makes getting home so much sweeter. The visiting and wedding weekend were beautiful, and I feel thankful to have been able to attend. Now is the time to recover in my own recliner.

Home is truly where the heart is and my heart is at home with my hubby and child. Coffee made in our kitchen is my favorite. The meals taste better (and I don’t have to fear allergic reactions). And, of course, my bed is so comfortable!


We traveled in the car for 26 hours over the last week and Hubby did all the driving. We broke up the drive over 4 days and a few power naps at truck stops. We ate terrible-for-us food at fast food restaurants and most of them had very little that I could eat.

My balanced meals were non-existent, because I can only eat organic meat (and the spices and sauces I know and trust). So, I’ve survived on potatoes, chips, and cereal. I’m now enjoying beef and chicken, which is so delicious.

During the trip my sprained ankle suddenly became worse. I had to quickly sit on the floor because of stabbing pains. I tried crawling to the sofa, but it was too painful. I finally scooted across the wood floor and pulled up to the sofa. After 4 Advil, the pain gradually improved.

I don’t know what caused this attack of stabbing pain. Over the weekend I walked with varying levels of pain. There were times when it didn’t hurt much at all, but others were terrible, even with my cane. I have an appointment to see the doctor on Friday.


I had different events to attend and my body was so hot. I was sweating so much because of the warm hotel room and the hectic pace. It was great retreating to the car and blasting cold air in my face!

Now I can truly relax in many ways, which is necessary because I’ll be traveling again in a week. Resting and trying to relax will be my only plan, hoping that I will be physically and mentally better prepared for a long trip. I’ll be praying for strength and will have my camera ready for that precious grandchild.

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Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert. This post contains my experiences and opinions and is not meant to be taken as medical advice. If you have a medical concern, please consult your personal physician.

26 thoughts on “A Chronic Life Travel Pause”

  1. I could feel your pain while reading this post. I hate traveling in the car to go anywhere over an hour is too far for me.

  2. The same happens to me when travelling I have celiac so its hard eating in restaurants but I know potatoes- well baked are ok I don;t trust fries as who knows what else is cooked in that oil,

    1. That’s very tricky. Some restaurants have GF, but I understand your worry. It’s hard to trust them, because they may not have a kitchen dedicated to GF. My daughter found a total GF cafe and had such a good time, ordering anything on the menu.

  3. I’m sorry you had to eat so poorly and that you were in pain! Glad you’re home where you can feel better.

  4. Renting a small RV and driver ….. Friends might know someone that would be willing to be a driver for a not to expensive amount. And the RV dealership might also know some one. The cost when you look at hotel/motels, stopping at place where they don’t have the food you want and getting something else.

    Also the time saved to getting home, to your own bed, kitchen etc.

  5. I use to love to travel . But the chronic pain from sitting to long has stopped me from traveling much. So sorry you are suffering from it also.

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