A Contented Holiday

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I haven’t posted lately. I’ve been having a severe cold for more than two weeks. I tested twice for Covid and didn’t have it, but had a terrible cough. Then the sinus congestion started. Thankfully, I woke up this morning and the symptoms had become much lighter.

My usual schedule for decorating the Christmas tree is to get started before Thanksgiving. This year I put up the tree and decorated it on December eighth. The lights and decorations of Christmas are so powerful and they cheer me and I always long for that special feeling.

Every day is another day to feel depressed. I have to fight it daily, and I’ve found that when I remind myself that I only have to deal with this one day’s discomforts. Tomorrow will be the same, and we’re all having a hard time getting ready for Christmas.

Resting in the living room with Christmas tree lights is so peaceful and it helps me to recuperate. Housework or decorating wears me down quickly so I love sitting and resting.

Christmas tree

Today is the final eye surgery for Hubby. He has cataract surgery and glaucoma surgery in one. After the first surgery his eye pressure went up very high, but the doctor helped him. There are stents placed in the eye to help reduce the pressure. He’s also started eye drops to treat the glaucoma.

Even though I plan to have a calm Christmas at home, I can still put pressure on myself. The things that usually get me in a bad mood for Christmas:

It’s hard to believe that it’s only 5 days until Christmas. I have all my plans, but we’re not doing anything exciting this year. We plan to travel after Christmas, so I’ll pray that we are healthy and can enjoy the visit. Are you all traveling for the holidays?

  • Wanting to have a perfect Christmas
  • Wishing that I had more money to spend
  • Over-doing it and suffering from pain and severe fatigue
  • Not asking for help

We all would love to have a perfect Christmas, with our homes decorated like a Hallmark channel movie. I grew up in a house where every room had some type of decorations. Comparing my home to those with light shows is silly and only brings mental fatigue. We should instead be thankful and content for the Christmas that we are able to have.

Having lots of money to spend on a Pinterest-type Christmas isn’t what matters. There is never an end to the desires we have for more and more things. Things don’t last, but our hearts can always feel the love of Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate.

Putting up the tree with decorations and lights is an exhausting chore in my physical state. Just taking a shower and fixing meals takes all the energy that I can muster. But, when I add decorating to my schedule I end up in so much pain! Doing too much is different for everyone. I would say that most of us have to pace ourselves or our body will pay us back with awful pain and serious fatigue.

I don’t know of any way to stop the pain from coming with extra chores. Pacing does help, but when we’re in a rush to get ready for Christmas we often cause extra pain. I usually start out pacing very well, but may begin pushing myself. We all know how that turns out. It certainly is easier to enjoy the holidays if we don’t become exhausted.

child helping in the kitchen

Asking for help was not my usual style. Being a person who loved being able to have multi-tasking down to a science, I was proud that I could clean the house, decorate, and cook a fabulous (and large) meal. Everything was cooked by scratch and delicious (if I say so myself). The last few years I’ve learned to ask for help.

Hubby and my children are always more than happy to help me cook. They are also content with having some of my dishes being prepared in advance. Instead of my delicious homemade rolls, we substituted Crescent Rolls. My family would love to have the rolls, but they are just as happy without them. My homemade pies were replaced with frozen pies from the grocery store. We enjoy them together!

Asking for help with dinner preparations can be fun. It’s great to laugh and reminisce in the kitchen. There’s no need to feel guilty. Christmas dinner can be delicious with frozen pies as long as the family has a heart that is set on the true reason why we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

I hope and pray that we can all find our contentment and joy in relationships, eating, and worshipping. Here’s hoping that you’ll feel well enough to participate in Christmas.

If our traditions are too difficult to pull off, you can enjoy creating some new traditions. Children love trying new things and often have great ideas. I hope you can a peaceful and joyous holiday.

Merry Christmas!

@2023, copyright Lisa Ehrman

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert. This post contains my opinions and experiences and is not meant to be taken as medical advice. If you have a medical concern, please consult your personal physician.

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