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A Different Medicine

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Well, once again I am beyond thrilled to be taking a dosepack of Prednisone. I took 8 Benadryl every day for over five weeks. Doing this 24/7 has really worn me out physically and mentally. Benadryl puts me in a terrible mental fog. I’m in a chronic state of dozing off. I catch myself waking up, dreaming, and trying to stay awake. After so many weeks of this, I feel crazy.

Now I’ve been given a 7-day dosepack of prednisone. The first two days were very effective. I was taking 40 mg each day and so there was no itching whatsoever and it was amazing! If only I could feel like this forever! Today I took 20 mg and I still am experiencing no itching. The problem is, I know that this bliss will be short lived.

I really hope to get with my Immunologists very soon. I needed to do this so long ago. I will enjoy today and hope for help for tomorrow. I’m thinking of the wonderful day outdoors with fall temperatures and yellow leaves. I need to enjoy every little bit of goodness in my life. God has given me so much!

It doesn’t do any good to feel like I’m missing out on something I need or want. The good things are still in my life, so I must give thanks. I hope and pray that you have a blessing to cherish today.

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