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November has arrived and I’m so sick. We traveled about 11 hours on Saturday and I didn’t hurt too bad in the car, but Sunday was awfully painful. I used pain relief gel, took ibuprofen and asked Hubby to rub my neck. It feels as though my “Dowager Hump” is growing, and it’s putting a strain in my neck.

Hubby and I both think that the hump is growing. My daughter, who is an OT, says that it doesn’t look like it’s caused by my spine deformity, but by prescriptions. She said that taking lots of steroids can cause the type of hump I have.

I don’t take prednisone on a regular basis, but have taken a couple of dose packs this year. I actually do use tons of steroid cream on my body, on my body. I wondered if this could cause this type of growth. When I looked online I found quite a few articles and journal posts that said that the body can absorb the prednisone. When it does that, it’s as if one took oral doses of prednisone.

Steroids can weaken the bones, but there are other reasons that we need them. They have been used by me to: stop weeks-long migraines, stop cycles of allergic reactions, help with poison ivy, and other things. I have to use the steroid creams (prescription strength) to fight the rash on my back that is Mycosis Fungoides, a type of Lymphoma.

Because I use it so often, and have over the years, I guess it makes sense that I would get a huge hump on the back of my neck. The hump is actually at the base of my neck and is very fat and long. It’s like a square shaped hump that makes it hard to hold my neck up and it will probably just get worse.

I’ll have to talk to my doctors about this problem. One doctor told me that it was just some fat. I don’t know if he’s right, but I want to know why it’s there and how to get rid of it. There are many reasons why I think that I’ll never get rid of it. One reason is that I have an abnormally curved neck. Another reason is that I have had curved shoulders for more than 4 decades. They’re not going to get better.

A third reason is that I have Osteoporosis, which is making my bones weaker. My poorly curved neck + all of my health problems and medication remind me again how I don’t have a choice. Stopping steroid cream can possibly prevent Mycosis Fungoides from covering 10% of my body (which would cause me to be diagnosed with CTCL).

I’m so tired of trying to fight all these diseases. It’s exhausting and really is a full time job. Has anyone successfully gotten rid of their hump? I would love to learn from you.

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