A Little More Contentment

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There’s nothing like a summer evening. The peaceful sound of crickets and the stillness of the trees. I hear children playing outdoors until dusk. They love the long days full of play and no homework.

As a child, I never went out this time of day unless I sprayed most of my body with mosquito repellent. Once, at a campground, I didn’t have protection and spent time in the woods. That night I counted 100 mosquito bites on one leg and over 80 on the other (no lie). I spent the night taking Benadryl and feeling the misery of someone with terrible allergies.

It’s been many years since I enjoyed a summer evening outdoors. Early evenings are a lovely time in my home. I love looking out the window at a tree, heavy with green leaves. It feels good when I can focus on beauty, instead of just thinking about my pain.

Outdoors is awfully hard on me. The sun can give me auras or headaches. Fresh-cut grass smells wonderful, but I’ll feel better if the windows are shut. Having MCAS means that I am allergic to so many things in the world, indoors and out. By the time I’m this age (62) most of my triggers are well-known. Unfortunately, new allergies can pop up anytime.

Not much is going on at our house, because I’ve been doing nothing. My joint pain is very hard to deal with. The ankle with AVN hurts when I’m walking and my wrist continues to throb. This week I have appointments with the endodontist and rheumatologist.

Even though I’m not able to go for walks or do much of anything else, I can use my memories to experience the good feelings of summer. The diseases that keep me disabled take away so much from my life, but I can still have contentment in many areas of my life. Contentment is still a daily struggle.

Today was one of those good days. Contentment came easily while I was grateful and taking in the beauty of a summer evening.

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Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert. This post contains my opinions and experiences and is not meant to be taken as medical advice. If you have a medical concern, please contact your personal physician.

5 thoughts on “A Little More Contentment”

  1. I love this post. You are such a gracious person dealing with so much and yet remembering the good things. I pray for some relief your issues and you continue having great memories to fill your day.

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