Actual Improvement

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I’m thankful for the help I’m finally getting from my new medical team. It’s the first time since 2011 that I’ve received holistic treatment and care. There has been actual improvement in how I feel.

Actual Improvement

Although I know that I won’t be cured of all my diseases, I finally am getting treatments that are helping limit the horrible symptoms that I deal with on a daily basis. Working with my team has given me a protocol that works with my medications to bring about a more functional existence.

Isn’t that the result we all want? If I have to live with a chronic illness, my goal has always been to function as close to normal as possible. But, when I only took more and more drugs, my ability to function was getting worse instead of better.

Adding a specific diet, nutritional supplements, and better pain management has given me a new improved level of functioning. My house is cleaner than it’s been in nearly a decade. I actually wake up feeling more rested. My pain levels are not much different, but having energy is fantastic!

Yesterday was another appointment with the nurse practitioner. We didn’t have a long appointment, but we discussed all the good and bad. My new pain in the right shoulder was checked. He couldn’t feel anything out of joint, which is how it feels to me.

Actual Improvement mountains

There is a possibility of an x-ray, if it doesn’t get better, or if it gets worse. He also suggested an ozone shot, which I’m not sure of the specific name. I’m glad that he knew not to suggest steroid shots, which are not recommended for patients with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

My diet food is starting to taste better to me. Today was the first day that I am taking all of the new supplements. There are so many of them that it’s hard to get them all down. I’ve spaced them out throughout the day, but have to eat a good bit of food to keep from getting extremely nauseated afterwards.

After lunch, I got severely nauseated, even though I ate a good size portion of food. My stomach has never handled vitamins well, at all. I don’t know why.

Are you eating an anti-inflammatory diet? How long have you been doing this? What has been your result? I’m planning on eating this way forever, I guess. I don’t know how much improvement will come from having very low inflammation in my body, but I’m willing to keep up the diet to find out.

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  1. I couldn’t keep my ankle from swelling up until I tried an anti-inflammatory diet and my whole body feels better.

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