Almost Home

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After a fun but severely painful trip, we’re almost home. We only have 600 more miles to drive and then we’ll be home. Our entire family and Archie (our dog) has been making this trip over the Christmas holidays.

THere’s not too much to talk about today, because I’m in such horrible pain. My new medicine keeps me from taking my normal travel drug of 4 Advil every 6 hours. So, I will continue to suffer today. I can’t even rest my back because there’s no room in the car to lean my seat back. My knees, writsts, fingers, ankles, neck, and more are swollen and throbbing.

This is the worst pain I’ve had traveling. And, my husband has to pull over and sleep a lot. He just is totally exhausted. His testosterone is 16 and that’s good for his cancer care, but now for his fatigue. I think we should really stay in this hotel one more night so he can sleep. We’ve spent too much money on hotels alreeady.

I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas season. My holidays were stressful. I actually grieved more for my dad than I had when he died and Christmas was a little depressing. Getting home and getting more rest will help. I hope that yau are feeling well. Be easy on yourself! God bless.

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Disclosure: I’m not a medical expert and this blog post contains my opinions and experiences only. This is not meant to be medical advice. If you have concerns, please call and speak with your personal physician.

4 thoughts on “Almost Home”

  1. If you read this while you’re still on the road, buy some muscle rub at your next rest/gas stop- that will ease your joint pain a bit.

  2. I am so sorry to hear how much pain you are in and how tired your husband has been feeling. I give you both such huge props for even attempting to travel when you are feeling less than your best.

    1. We keep saying that next time we’ll fly, but we drive. As swollen as my legs are today, it’s no longer safe to make that drive. We’ll need airline tickets next time. Thanks!

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