Another Chronic Tuesday

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After the last five or six days of itching, allergic reactions, and taking Benadryl, I’ve given in and started taking Prednisone again. I still have enough tablets to last me until I meet with my doctor on May 3rd. Maybe I will now be able to stop scraping all my skin off.

I don’t know what’s setting me off for all these Mast Cell attacks, but I really need a treatment that works. Living in a Benadryl coma is not really living.

I have read a really good book this past week. What If It’s Wonderful is written by Nicole Zasowski. I could relate to her journey with miscarriages and the feelings and pain that change a person. Her writing was very inspirational to me, and it can be beneficial to those living with chronic illness.


I’m thankful to read a book that is filled with encouragement, because my fatigue and pain have been more severe lately. I also got good news at my eye exam. There were no indications that Plaquenil is affecting my eyes. I’ll see my dermatologist next week and have no idea what she’ll say about my skin condition (that appears to be Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma).

My endocrinologist wants her to test for Amyloidosis. And, my last appointment next week is with my GP. He recently did tests to see my hormone levels. I’ll find out if there is a problem and if he can help to make it better.

Although I have many complaints about my medications, I really am thankful for the good things that they bring to my life. Gabapentin really stops the nerve pain and zaps that I feel. Tylenol helps with some of my arthritis pain. Tizanidine helps with muscle pain and also helps me sleep. I could go on and on….

Now, if I could only find a safe pill that would make 50 pounds disappear!

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