Answers To Prayer

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It’s been a very hard week. With my Dad fighting covid in the hospital, I’ve worried so much. He lives in heart failure and has asthma, so at age 84 he’s not in good shape. But, he seems to be getting a little better. His pneumonia seems to be responding to medication. The doctors are discussing the date to go home. So, I’m feeling thankful for answers to prayer.


I’m fighting a UTI, and I believe I’m getting well. I have a lot of fatigue, but I’m taking antibiotics and AZO. I’m thankful that I’ve been free of covid, so far. I’ll continue to try and stay safe with masks, etc.

What has your family decided to do about the upcoming holidays? We’re still not sure about traveling. It’s so hard! As we live very far from family, we have to weigh the risks to traveling. Oh, I hope and pray that covid can be conquered with a good vaccine!

I’m such an emotional eater! I’ve really failed at my diet this past week. I’ve eaten sugar and bread. I’ve skimped on nutrition, too. And, I’m paying for it. My face and eyes are very swollen and my pain is through the roof. Today is the day I’ve really started back on the diet. I must do it for myself.


Maybe you’re not like me, but I often find it difficult to fight for myself. When I’m the most stressed and sick, I don’t always have the inner strength to make myself eat right. It’s like I’m giving up. I know that isn’t true. But, the physical pain and the fatigue is so awful, that it takes my fight away. And, I need “fight” in me to deal with all of my chronic illnesses.

I’m not getting any younger, so the diseases want to bring me down and have an easier job. Because of MCAS, my body is attacking me every minute. It takes all the inner strength I can muster (by the grace of God), to not give up and just lay in the bed. Writing to you, dear readers, is another way for me to feel accountable.

I hope that you are having a low-pain weekend. The weather here in Kansas is so perfect, and I love looking out at the last of the pretty colors. Bright purple shrubbery outside my window makes me smile, and I’m so thankful that God paints the world with such vivid colors!

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6 thoughts on “Answers To Prayer”

  1. Sending Prayers for your dad’s recovery soon. Hoping you will feel better also and enjoy the holidays. Take care. Nothing is easy this year.

    1. Thank you for the prayers. It is definitely a hard year and will be a very hard Christmas. But, I just hope and pray we are all alive through this pandemic.

  2. Oh Lisa, I am so sorry about your Father. I hope everyday he is a little better, my Mom just went to live with my sister. I am two hours away so not as far as you but still relieved that she sold her condo as she is 94. My sister is a widow with a large handicapped accessible ranch home so it is perfect for Mom. As for my health I know I MUST get up and move as after 6-7 hours of laying down my back is screaming with pain. Injections and PT have not really helped but if this herniated area doesn’t get worse I can live this way. It is right above my spinal fusion of 5 years ago and I just don’t want surgery.

    1. Thanks, Sandy. He’s not doing good today, but we still hope that he’ll recover. Your mom did great to stay in her own place for so long, but it’s good that your sister has the right home for her. I’m so sorry about your back. I don’t blame you for not wanting surgery. I have a really bad spine, but don’t want to get surgery unless I just can’t move anymore. I’ve seen too many people who became worse afterwards. I’m sorry that the injections haven’t helped. I hope that something else could be tried to help you.

  3. We are going to just give Gift Cards. I have one son, who had to sign a legal agreement with the state of California which is his employer that he would not attend any outside functions and that includes family. He works at the California Veterans Home. He would lose his job for sure and be fined and possibly jailed if he didn’t. Not worth that. My 94 yr old FIL also lives at the Veteran home, my son works at, so they can see each other. That’s good. My other son and my step-daughter will get together with us, but that’s about it. Pretty low key this year.

    I sure hope you father gets through this – take care.

    1. It’s sure going to be a different holiday season. I’m hearing from others about these legal agreements: teachers and factory workers. But, we’ll all get through it and cherish times with loved ones even more after this is over.

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