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Sorry that I haven’t written lately. My itching and huge doses of Benadryl have made me so sleepy. I do have some news to tell about that. I saw a specialist in Immunology last week who was very thorough at my first appointment. He is not totally convinced that I have MCAS. He thinks it’s more likely that I have very serious allergic reactions to many things.


He’s having me do a 24 hour urine test and a bloodwork test for Tryptase. He said that I should either have too many Mast Cells or they will go too crazy. I’m not sure about all the facts, but the immunologist knows and he will communicate with me on MyChart when the test results come through.

He’s wanting to see what we could do instead of all the the pills I’m taking every day. This is a great plan and I hope that I don’t have a Mast Cell Disorder. I would love to omit some of these pills.

I saw the Neurologist this week and was pretty nervous about what he might find from my latest neurological tests. The Tremor and essential myoclocus weren’t being helped by the drug Topirimate. So, he told me to stop taking it. He wants to get to the cause of this tremor and myocloclonus if he can. He’s taken me off of Topimiaate. Because my Dowager hump has grown quickly, he will do an MRI of that area to see if there is anything else going on.

Adding the hydrOXYzine HCL at bedtime is going fine. When my NP asked me to take it twice daily, he didn’t explain how it works. I can tell that this is helping already. Last night I did have to take 2 Benadryl as well. The immunologist said that the effect should improve over time because: after two weeks of no help, take 2 pills, after 2 more weeks with no effect take 3 pills, and after 2 more weeks of no help try 4 pills at night.

He said that if the highest dose doesn’t stop the itching, then he’ll know that something else is causing the itching. He mentioned checking the Liver or Kidneys as two things we can check. At least he’s willing to get to the bottom of this and find out what my body needs help with. I’m very thankful.

family eating

My family stayed home for Thanksgiving. I bought more things than ever instead of cooking from scratch. I bought two kinds of rolls, two kinds of pies, bakery cinnamin rolls for breakfast and it all tasted delicious. Hubby followed the recipe and made our chicken and garlic cheese grits casserole. Those two dishes were the favorites. I couldn’t stand up, so hubby made our meal possible!

It’s now time to plan Christmas….I am totally drained of energy to do this. The new medicine, clonazePAM, has a side-effect of drowsiness. I’m very drowsy and sit in my recliner, feeling that I’m sleeping more than I’m awake. I feel so foggy when I do come to from the naps.

So, I’ll begin to make my planning schedule and see if I can get everything done that is really important before Christmas. Between ordering online and having Hubby push me with my wheelchair through the shops, I’ll be able to get everyone on my list a gift.

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  1. Hope you get good test results and are able to start feeling better soon.

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