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Pain relief is everything to those of us with chronic pain. Chronic pain means that our pain occurs every day. My pain is present 24/7. Many people find it hard to believe that this is real, but it is. With pain medicine hard to come by, many of us are looking for alternative treatments. That’s why I’m excited to try Aromalief Hemp Pain Relief.

My cabinet is full of pain relieving gels. I’ve tried at least 20 different types over the last few years. Most of them promised to be the answer to my pain. But, very few have helped my pain. Most pain relief is also short-lived. Pain medicine has to be taken often throughout the day and can cause damage to the body. My favorite way to get relief from pain is to use a topical treatment.

When trying to choose a pain relief cream, the first thing to look at is the ingredients. You want to find active ingredients that will truly address your pain. Aromalief Hemp Pain Relief includes anti-inflammatory and aromatherapy ingredients. It also contains Glucosamine, Chondroitin, L-Arginine, Menthol, and Essential Oils.

The exciting part of this cream is that it contains 1000MG of Hemp, with no THC. You get the benefit of Hemp oil, but with no THC side-effects. The lavender essential oil scent is also lovely. It’s paraben and dye free. Because I’m allergic to shellfish, I’m glad that it’s shellfish free. This Hemp Pain Relief is also made in the USA. If you aren’t satisfied with it, you can get a full refund.


I suffer with all types of pain. My worst pain is in my back, where my muscles are knot-ridden from trying to hold up my spine. Scoliosis causes me severe pain in my neck, shoulders, and entire back. Osteoarthritis causes me pain in my hands, knees, and feet.

When I tried the Aromalief Hemp Pain Relief, I rubbed the cream on my upper back and neck. This cream smelled great with the Lavender essential oils. I immediately felt the menthol acting on my skin. Quickly, I noticed pain relief in my muscles. There was no greasy feeling to the cream. I loved that the pain relief lasted for 3 hours. Most of the time I have used creams, I needed to re-apply much more often.

I’m happy to have found a pain relief product that works naturally to reduce pain and inflammation. If you have chronic pain, you should give it a try.

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