Biopsy Report And Fear

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My biopsy report was posted today on MyChart. I’ve been dreading the thought of what it might show. It was not diagnostic, because to get the final say another step has to be performed. So, I get to wait a little longer to see if there is a diagnosis.

I’ve been praying that a true diagnosis will come from this biopsy. Two years ago, another rash on my back was biopsied. It too had to have another step in the lab. There was no definitive diagnosis at that time, which left me with a lot of questions.

After that time, the rash appeared on my lower back and has stayed all this time. The same report came both times. The report says that there is mycosis fungoides under the threshold of pathologic diagnosis.

Biopsy Report and Fear

Mycosis Fungoides is a type of lymphoma cancer that is cutaneous. It may or may not be systemic. The lab will conduct further studies, called Clonal TCR to see if can be diagnosed as cancer.

This could be T Cell Lymphoma. There are two types: Mycosis Fungoides or or Sezary. Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma is a fairly rare lymphoma which is a category of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

It really worries me that although the 2018 biopsy was inconclusive, I remember the doctor saying that if it came back they would re-evaluate the diagnosis. I sent my new dermatologist the reports from the 2018 dermatologist. I hope they can get it right. If I’m in the early stage (there are 4) maybe it can be controlled.

I don’t want to have them wait until I’m really sick to give me help/treatment. I know there is a chance that it isn’t really cancer, but it doesn’t sound good.

I’ll have a cancer diagnostic blood test on Wednesday and now I’m scared. I always thought that someday I would get cancer. I’ve had just about everything else. It just seemed inevitable. I hope and pray that I’m wrong.

Is 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

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Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert. This post contains my opinions only and is not meant to be taken as medical advice. If you have a medical concern, please consult your personal physician.

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  1. Iโ€™m so sorry that youโ€™re going through such turmoil. God is and will always be with you! Iโ€™m certainly praying for you.

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