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We’ve been here five days and have been having a wonderful time. After two years, I was so eager to see my son, daughter-in-love, and new grandchild. We decided to take them up on their offer to stay at their home in the country. It’s very quiet out here and peaceful, except for our barking dog.

Thankfully, the baby doesn’t even notice the dog barking and sleeps right through it. Archie isn’t used to staying outdoors, but must because of their allergies here.

My health has definitely been hurting from the trip, with terribly swollen ankles and extra pain. The back pain is making me so stressed! The more pain increases, the more stressed and grumpy I become. But, even though I’m stressed and grumpy, I’m totally in love with my new grandchild. The baby is so fat and happy.

He makes adorable faces and seems to love being held by me. The baby also loves his granddad, calming quickly when he talks softly and tenderly to him. We’ve been enjoying feeding him, burping him, and changing him. There’s nothing better than having a new grandchild! We now have two grandchildren and a third on the way.

The best thing about getting old is the sweet love of family. Our daughter-in-love is a wonderful cook who makes very healthy meals. She cooks without sugar and dairy, so it suits me perfectly. God has blessed us beyond words!

@2021, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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  1. Aw, another on the way?! That’s fabulous. I am so sorry that travel is so hard on you and your health but so happy that you finally got to see your family again.

    1. Thanks Joanne 🙂 It’s a real blessing to be with my kids and grandkids!

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