Can You Stop This Itching?

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Have I ever mentioned that I itch…a lot? I’m having another flare and can’t stop. Late last night I composed a MyChart message to my dermatologist. I shared with her that I am also having a rash with this itching.

The rash has been getting worse and there are new spots every day. I have tried everything I know to try: Steroid cream, hydrocortisone cream, lotion, trimming my fingernails, and taking all my allergy meds.

I already take Singulair, Pepcid, and 2 Zyrtec daily. The doctor added Hydroxyzine, in hopes of at least stopping the flares. Nothing works! I wake up all through the night scratching myself until my skin bleeds. I know this just makes it worse, but it’s really bad.

With my message I also sent a photo of one of my forearms. It looks angry. Early this morning the doctor’s nurse sent me a message back. She said that the dermatologist wanted to see me and offered me a lunchtime appointment. I only saw the message at 10:30 and hubby is out in our only car, so I knew I couldn’t make this one.

I was given another appointment for Wednesday morning. I wonder if she was alarmed to want and see me this quickly or if she just couldn’t tell what it was with a picture. I’ll just keep taking 50 mg of Benadryl day and night, because it’s the only thing that gives me a little relief.

I certainly didn’t think I would have another appointment. I thought this week would be clear, but it’s not going to happen. My dermatologist spends very little time with me, so I hope she’ll treat me well and have understanding of what’s wrong with my skin.

I’ll also need to tell her that the immunologist said to give her a message: please treat the large red, flaky lesions on my lower back. He said that since it’s been there for years, it should be gone. The dermatologist never biopsied that area, but only took samples from my upper back.

I’m not looking forward to this appointment, but I am. Do you know what I mean? I want help to stop this problem, but I don’t want it to be a new diagnosis. I don’t want to take another medicine with lots of side-effects. I’ll be praying that it’s something minor.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”
― Bill Keane []

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert. This post contains my experiences and opinions and is not meant to be taken as medical advice. If you have a medical concern, please contact your personal physician.

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