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    Test Results: Facing Facts

    My blood work came back. When I went to the doctor, she laid it out for me. It was a thorough lesson in why I feel like crap. In fact, those were her exact words: no wonder you feel like crap. As she went down the list, I felt more and more depressed. My blood work did show that I had a good reason to feel horrible. Here’s how it went: Cholesterol – My good cholesterol was very low, my bad cholesterol was very high. The type of sticky cholesterol was very high and with all the numbers being what they were, she said I had a 16x greater risk…

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    How To Create A More Natural Home

    Disclosure: Although affiliate links are included, there is no cost to you at all. Get this guide to uncovering toxic chemicals in your home I want to introduce you all to this new Free Webinar which begins on October 14th. You can tune in to the many sessions online. You may learn something new about having a Natural Home! It won't cost a penny to watch and learn. Get Samantha Lee Wright's powerful eGuide, Ultimate Tox-Free Home, and learn to transform your home into a toxin-free oasis by uncovering unwanted and toxic chemicals! There has never been a more important time to go toxin-free than right now! Many people are…