A Pro-Life Challenge

For my readers who are pro-life, I have a challenge.  I’m someone who has been a part of and watched this movement for a long time.  I don’t post about politics or religion on this blog, but you’ll see that this post is about neither of these issues.

I believe being pro-life is being a loving, caring person.  You have to care about a person who is in need of help and get involved to meet the need.  My challenge is very simple: volunteer to meet the needs of a pregnant woman or girl that needs assistance on your own, or through a local pregnancy center.  Isn’t that simple?  What do you think would happen if every pro-life person actually did this?

Before I became unable to really take care of myself, I volunteered at our local pregnancy center.  Some of the easy things I did: stuffing envelopes, making meals for moms, making meals for meetings, and doing laundry.  Our family worked on remodeling the building a little bit and even opened our home to a young lady for a time.  I hope to be able to do a few things again soon.  There are huge lists of opportunities available, if you call your local center and ask.

Get involved in someones life!  What a wonderful thing to do!  Helping others is the best thing you can do with your time.  Encouraging people, loving people and mentoring them when they need support is great for them and for you.  Spend your time and money (if you can) being pro-life!

Are You Ready?

I know…it’s over-used.  The phrase, “are you ready for some football?” gets me very excited.  My daughter’s fiance sent me a video of the music for NFL football.  Our fantasy league is ready to go!  The pizza is cooked, the soda is chilled, and the snacks are in the bowl.  The NFL season kicks off in a few minutes, and I can’t wait!

Yes, our kitten wore a Cheesehead!

I’ve loved watching football since I was a young girl.  Back in the day, when I was in awe of Larry Csonka!  (I know, that is a LLLLong time ago).  Fall is my favorite season and football is just a big part of this season. 

My fall-scented candle is lit and my feet are propped up.  I’m wearing orange and blue (sorry Raven fans).  This should be fun! 

the family, in Green Bay!!!

How’s your summer going?

Summer is moving right along.  It always goes by much too fast.  If you’re like me, you had some goals for your summer.  Maybe you wrote down a list, or just had them in your head.  My list was ridiculous, because my daughter is getting married in the fall.  There is so much to do, and next week will be very busy. 

Two things that I really wanted to do were: lose weight and cut the budget to the bone.  My budget goals have been much more successful than the weight loss.  Whoa….I haven’t lost any weight at all.  I have many excuses: my health stinks so I can’t exercise, I take medicine that has weight gain as a side effect, and I’m feeling sick almost every day.  I know, excuses….excuses.  haha  Anyway, I have eaten healthier.  At least eating healthier has it’s own rewards. 

The grocery budget really got cut!  Last month, I was able to cut it in half by eating out of the cabinet and freezer.  We came up with meals using what was already here and ate pretty well.  I’m hoping to keep the spending down this month, too.  Planning the menu carefully has been my best method to reduce spending on food. 

I’ve become accustomed to failing at some things in life.  We all do, really.  I have to realize that sometimes my expectations are too high.  Sometimes I have to recognize my frailty and strive to do better.  I know that God cares about my shortcomings and I know He is always with me.  I won’t give up on both of my goals; but might need some new strategies.  Working towards better health and spending less money will be a lifetime struggle.  I won’t give up, nor will I beat myself up.

I almost got eaten by a dinosaur

A Happy Anniversary

29 years married to my wonderful hubby….  It’s very hard to believe!  We’re going to grill out tonight if the rain storm stops in time.  Hubby just saw a large tree snap in two in the back yard.  I haven’t posted lately, because we were traveling out of state to attend my beloved brother-in-laws funeral.  It was very sad to see him lose his terrible battle with brain cancer, and I’m praying for his wife and children. 

Our anniversary is scaled back this year because of our finances.  I still had a wonderful morning with pastries and coffee.  We’re exchanging cards and I have some pretty flowers to enjoy!  Love is all about being together and appreciating each other.  The little things that we do to show our love mean the most. 


Want to save money when you’re moving?  Do all the work yourself.  Go find free boxes or buy some, if you must.  Rent a truck, load it, drive it, unload it, and work yourself like a crazy person.  That’s what we’re doing.  I’ve been boxing up everything we own for the last two weeks.  I’m starting to think that this stuff has been multiplying in the closets or something.  Do we really have this much stuff?  Oh, well.  I’m boxing up the last 50 boxes today and tomorrow.  Then we will start eating on paper plates, and after that we’ll go find the drive-thru. 

I’ve pretty much run out of energy and adrenaline, and even the fumes!  I can’t remember what day it is, and even left my purse in the shopping cart (in the parking lot).  I’ve never done that before.  Thank goodness someone saw me and yelled “Hey, lady!”  haha

It will be over soon, and I hope I’ll have a little brain left to drive 750 miles to our new home. 

It’s Crazy!

It’s crazy around this house.  Moving boxes are piling up everywhere, migraines are occuring, people are leaving on trains, mama’s locked out of the house…..

Yesterday, I couldn’t post, because I was in the bed with a migraine.  I couldn’t see out of my right eye very well, and typing might have been a disaster 🙂  I packed some before that happened, and you can see the stack is growing!

I used whatever packing material I could find.  We’d been saving junk mail and any stuff that could be placed around items for months.  I also started tearing up music books and using them for packing material.  I recently came to the realization that performing on the flute and piano was over, because of my hands and fingers.  I sold all the music that was in like-new condition.  The rest is now being crumpled up and stuffed into boxes.  It made me a little sad; almost teary as I destroyed something that had been such an important part of my life.  But, the past is past.

I drank a lot (too much) coffee and kind of looked like Gibbs most of the day.  I’m not sure how many pots we brewed yesterday…..

After all the packing, and resting in a dark room, there was no supper.  Since I was the only female in the house, I crawled out of bed and cooked my easiest meal I know- chicken stir-fry.  I cut up 3 chicken breasts and browned them in some oil.  When they were almost done I dropped in two 12 oz. bags of frozen veggies.  After they simmered about 30 minutes, we ate!  So easy!

Oh, yeah….I drove hubby to catch a train and then got locked out of the house…FUN 🙂

Still packing

the back patio is going to get worse before it gets better

I’m still packing up the house in preparation for our move.  I can’t believe it’s Friday, already!!!  I packed many boxes today, but I didn’t count them.  It’s a good start to this three-week process.  And, my daughter and I are also busy planning her fall wedding.  Those times of mother/daughter shopping and planning will be the bright spot in my weeks here.

Even though I’m taking many breaks from the packing job, it’s not preventing or stopping the pain.  My right hand now has a big swollen area where the thumb and first finger join close to the wrist.  Sorry about my anatomy explanation failure 🙂  (I was a music major).  During breaks I’ve tried icing it and putting Two Old Goats lotion there.  I know, two old goats sounds like me and hubby.  Haha.  Also, I’m taking my max dosage of Advil during these weeks, 1800 mg daily.  It will keep me from complete collapse.  The back is getting worse daily, along with my hand and my feet.  I just hope I can survive and get everything packed.

It’s super difficult to be content when you are in lots of pain.  I keep telling myself that this will only last for a little while, and then I will be done.  I’m just praying that my right hand will not swell any more than it has.