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    2019 Wraps Up

    I almost forgot about the December linky! This month has been flying by and I don’t want to miss the Chronic Illness Linky. A Chronic Voice has come up with some great prompts for us to respond to as 2019 wraps up. Traveling Many of us are traveling in December. I will be riding in a car for 1500 miles this month. And, yes this is going to be awful! Pain will be intense and swelling will occur. I dread that part of December the most. Because my children are spread far and wide, we’re making the trips to visit them. Bonding December will be another chance to bond with…

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    Chronic Illness,  Travel

    Exhausting And Worth It

    Oops, I did it again. I traveled to visit family and overdid it for an entire week. I spent 2 entire days in the car and 5 days playing with my grandson on the floor. This exhausting trip wasn’t a mistake, though. I knew what I was getting myself into. Letting myself become exhausted was worth it. As most of you with chronic illness know, there are times that we just throw our bodies into an adventure, knowing that we will pay. Life doesn’t promise to be easy, and some things are worth the extra effort. It took so much energy and effort to put my body out there and…

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    My Moving Adventure

    The last week has been grueling with last-minute packing, loading, and driving 1,000 miles in a Penske truck. Now that we’ve moved everything into our new home, it’s a mess! We’re all sore, swollen, and exhausted! Because I can’t lift anything, I was just a passenger on our long journey. I’ve never been this far west and moving in a 26 foot truck isn’t the way to be a sight-seer. We did see many beautiful sights along the way. We also fought the traffic, bad roads, and strange hotels. We’re thankful that we made it safely and no one was injured. My feet and ankles are severely swollen and that…