Chronic Illness Failure?

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Sometimes I fail. Being Chronically Ill is a full-time job for me. But, this weekend I did not have a very good job performance. After having a roller coaster week with pain and battling my diet, I felt like a failure.


My weight started to go up again for a couple of days and I ate some things that I wasn’t supposed to eat. I didn’t do my exercises and my shoulder pain was out of control. As I had my zoom appointment with the nutritionist, I was debating with her whether or not this protocol was the best thing for me.

Not only did she talk me down from changing it, she gave me homework. Some of the things she wanted me to get started on right away were new age practices. I’m not comfortable with those because they conflict with my Christian beliefs. I didn’t really tell her right away, but felt I could do that next time.

She also has given me a list of “detox” activities. I can’t seem to find the energy, money, or time to do them all. The teas and juices she suggested caused me to be sick, so I can’t do those either. I am staying on my diet now, but it’s hard.

There are times when it’s so hard to know what to do. I love my new health team and the new drug he has given me. The supplements also seem to be very helpful. But, I am questioning some other directions that one practitioner wants to take me.

I know I’ll have to stand up for myself and do what I feel is right for me, but that isn’t easy. One thing about being chronically ill, is that we’ve all seen so many doctors over the years. Every doctor gives different advice. The advice can often be totally opposite from the previous advice.

I have to listen to my body and it tells me when a food or diet just isn’t going to work. When things don’t work for my body, it lets me know. The worst way my body rejects something is with an allergic reaction. I was having Anaphylaxis after drinking the Dandelion/Burdock tea mixture. So, that was my body saying, “no more”.

Does your body speak loudly like that, or just makes you uncomfortable enough to know something is wrong? Just as we have to pace ourselves to not overdo it, we have to pace ourselves in our choices of protocols. There is a never-ending list of things that a practitioner may demand. But, we don’t have to do them all.

I hope I can make wise decisions and the right choices for my body. I’m praying for guidance. But, even common sense can tell us so much!

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Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert. This post contains my opinions and is not meant to be taken as medical advice. If you have a medical concern, please consult your personal physician.

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