Chronic Illnesses Aren’t Going Away

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September is so nice with the improved temperatures. Gone are the 105 degree days (I hope) and the high electric bills. Fall will soon arrive and things will feel more pleasant. I still haven’t been outdoors much because my cold was not going away.

Two days ago my husband felt like he was getting a cold and today he tested positive for Covid. Yuk! In our home we’ve all been passing around some type of virus. When one of us gets well, another of us starts with the same thing. I know I never get out, but even with a Lysol spray or wipe, I’m not killing enough of the germs.

It will soon be time for flu shots. I’m not sure at all about the next Covid vaccine, and will just have to wait and see. I sure would like to be free of these. With these sores all over my arms, legs, and back, I really feel disheartened when I look in the mirror.

I’m sure that these feelings have been felt by all chronic illness warriors. After it hits us again that our body can’t respond well to life, sad and defeated feelings come. Sometimes I immediately think about the good things in my life. Often, I may feel sorry for myself for awhile before I start to get my head on straight.

Getting to a place of positivity wasn’t easy. It’s so hard because we have a tendency to tell people that we’re fine. Almost every time people speak to me about my illness, they say something like this: “When it goes away, you’ll be so happy” Most people can’t fathom having an illness that never ends. Many of our illnesses are invisible so that we look healthy to most people.

Having the chronic illnesses that I have, I’ve learned that none of them can be cured. And, the pharmaceuticals I get only help a little. So, even if no one really understands my chronic illnesses, that’s going to be alright. I wouldn’t understand either, if I didn’t suffer. I need to appreciate anyone who asks how I’m doing.

At least they care enough to ask. I also appreciate my position on this earth. With a home, a/c, plenty of food and water, I shouldn’t complain. Can you imagine being sick in a third world country? My suffering would be much greater and my life would probably be shorter.

I have chronic illnesses, but I have support on this earth and comfort from heaven.

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Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert and this post is not meant to be taken as medical advice. If you have

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