Considering Alternative Medicine
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After a lot of thought and prayer, I’m going to have a consultation with an alternative medicine team. Although I don’t know how this will turn out, I do look forward to hearing the approach that they would take with someone like me. The doctor I will talk to is a MD, but also uses alternative treatments in his practice.

This has always frightened me, for some reason. But after 7 years of trying to get better with regular approaches, I’m fed up. As each new doctor adds one more drug to my pill basket, my side effects get worse and my health gets worse. There has been no help that has made any turning point in my chronic illness journey. Continuing on with hope has become futile.

So, with fear and humility I’ll hear what this new doctor has to say and pray for improvement. I don’t know what to expect. I imagine that I might have to wean off a few of my medications. That could cause me many days of sickness. In my past, every change to my diet or any new drugs has always brought with it nausea.

Alternative Medicine

I shouldn’t dwell on experiences that are only in my head. Maybe everything will be pleasant. That would certainly be a shock! There hasn’t been anything pleasant in my healthcare. From the beginning, going to the doctor was unpleasant. I don’t plan on giving up hope. I may never have a healthy body, but I can always try to have some better days and less toxic treatments.

We’ll see.

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