Covid #CovidGotMeAgain

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Covid hit our house and all three of us are having our own symptoms and misery. First, our son was chilling and then slept all through last weekend. He’s free of any symptoms. Then, Hubby starting chilling, had fever, and coughed all night/day.

A few days later, my Covid test was positive and I was so shocked. My symptoms started with chills, vomiting, and a bad cough. The cough has gotten worse and I’ve had to use the inhaler my doctor prescribed (as needed). I’m not really short of breath, and hope that I don’t get that symptom. If that happens, I’ll probably go to the emergency room.

Covid is a nasty virus and really didn’t think I would get it twice. I never go out unless there’s a doctor’s appointment. But, Hubby had been to his oncologist and our son was amongst students every day. So, my hopes were not realistic at all.

I’ve taken the time to rest all I can. If I feel drowsy, I take a nap. Gatorade and diluted apple juice are my drinks and I eat plenty of chicken broth. I added some real food after a few days, but I have still felt nauseated much of the time.

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Have you had Covid twice, or more? I hear so many people say that they have had it more than once. I’ll be so thankful when it fades. When my life of chronic illness gets hit by an unexpected virus the addition is hard to bear.

I need all the sleep I can get to live with Sjogren’s, EDS, MCAS, and other undiagnosed problems. It’s not always possible to sleep with Covid. I’ve been doing my best to stay calm and relax my muscles.

It’s not easy to relax when your pain level is very high and you’re coughing your head off, but it certainly helps my heart to not let my blood pressure get high. When I’m having a medical crisis, Hubby and I pray together. In many instances, God has made a physical difference. Even when physical results aren’t obvious, my heart is given peace.

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Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert and this post is not meant to be taken as medical advice. This post contains my experiences and opinions. If you have a medical need, please consult your personal physician.

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