Dealing With December

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December is winding down and the Christmas festivities are over. I hope and pray that your Christmas was good and low-pain. My Christmas was lovely, but my pain became severe.

Dealing with December

By Christmas evening, I was experiencing very severe Sciatica pain. The horrible pain started in my spine and traveled all the way into my toes. It was as bad as it’s ever been. I lay on a heating pad and took too many Advil. I started my muscle relaxers at the upper level the doctor suggested.

Hubby massaged my legs and that helped a little, but I’ve struggled with severe pain ever since. The pain was so bad that we had to cancel the second part of our holiday travels. We’ll miss seeing our other child so much!

When my illnesses cause our family to miss out on important things I feel so guilty! I feel so terrible and sad that I’m the one that ruins everything. Chronic Illness is an evil, miserable, villain. It steals my hopes and dreams.

Whatever causes the pain, I’m trying to deal with it. Although I felt depressed on Christmas evening, I knew that there was nothing to do. In spite of the misery, life goes on and I have to go through it. I’ll get home and get more physical therapy to help my sciatica.

If you have chronic illness, you know how it affects you to miss out on experiences that you really wanted. You know how it feels to cancel a get-together. We all have to deal with these feelings and it isn’t easy. We need to believe our friends and relatives when they tell us to not feel guilty.

We can’t control our health just like we can’t control the weather. We do our best, and then we just have to live our lives. I’m thankful that my family reminds me of their love for me. I’m thankful that these bad times will ease up at some point.

I hope and pray that your days will be easy and peaceful. Your life means so much, whether you’re productive or are just surviving. We can be joyful and love others, whether we are able to do the things we desire to do or not. I know God has a purpose for everything.

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