December Pain

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Ah, the business of the Christmas season!  After traveling back from my trip, my body is in meltdown mode.  I got home and was faced with the dirty house, Christmas boxes of decorations piled on the floor, and untold loads of laundry.  Does this sound like your situation?
I was so fired up to get Christmas decorations up and the living room clean that I really overdid it.  This is my dilemma.  And, I failed again at pacing myself.  Reminding myself doesn’t work, because my desire to work was too strong.   It’s truly almost laughable how crazy chronic illness can make a person.
Well, the lights are twinkling and my home looks very cozy and festive.  My ice pack is being used often.  Boy, is it soothing to my lower back!  I’m loving the online deals this time of year and my shopping is in full swing.  Packages are starting to arrive and can be wrapped another day.
My sciatica has been a little better, but flares much worse after doing anything.  My arthritis/EDS pain is what is killing me.  The bones in my feet hurt so bad!  Arthritis in my MPT joint create the pain, but now my ankles are also hurting.  I tried wearing ankle braces.  I think the point is to wear them before the pain. Sorry about all the sarcasm, but that is my natural tone when I’m hurting.  It helps me to see the humor in my situation.
As I try to cope with my pain, I’ve been reading tons of articles and medical information about EDS/Arthritis foot problems.  I see much conflicting advice on what type of shoes (or going barefoot) to wear.  With arthritis of the MPT joint, my stiff soled and rocker-bottom shoes are helpful.  I’m still confused about my ankles?
My 3-year appointment with the (EDS) Geneticist is tomorrow.  I’ll have lots of fun things to tell her.  In the past, she only sent me to pain management and told me to read online to find help.  I hope that she can offer more specific advice tomorrow, because I really need it.
As you prepare for Christmas, I hope you’ll have better health days.  As we all deal with our physical pain, remember to consider your emotional health, too.  Going “home” can be rough, if some people aren’t supportive.  I try to apply the Golden Rule, and it has helped me.  I can’t fix other people’s issues and they may not understand mine.
I’m doing my best to keep Jesus’ birth foremost in my mind.  Christmas comes on us quickly and the festivities are great, but it’s the birthday of Christ.  I want this to be my focus.  God bless you as you prepare for this most wonderful time of the year.
@2018, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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