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It’s a stormy day here in the deep South. I’m in the path of the remnants of Delta, that has brought severe rain and wind. The metal roof has kept me awake much of last night, because of all the noise. Acorns and twigs are hitting and the wind is ferocious out there!


I love storms and the beauty of dark skies, as long as no one gets hurt. Then, there’s the problem of pain. I’ve been visiting my family here for a few days and have been driving and moving much more than when I’m at home.

My pain has been steadily increasing and today it is off the charts! The storm system makes things worse, too. I can’t walk without grimacing and my eyes are so swollen! And, of course, I’m hosting my daughter’s birthday party here tomorrow.

I’ve already been taking too much Advil this week. I may have to take more today and use the heating pad while I’m stirring the cake. I will truly never, ever learn to pace myself.

Even with the huge improvement in my energy levels (thanks to LDN), my pain is NOT under control. It’s not under control at all.

The joy of being with family is still worth it, but I’m so sad that I can’t function better than this. No one in my family really understands it. There’s no way for them to understand it, unless they are also suffering.

I pray for all of us in the path of this storm. Praying for safety and pain relief. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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