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This morning, Hubby and I are trying to get enough energy to get moving. We’ve spent the last day and a half with our very young grandchildren. The older ones wants to play with Mimi and Grandaddy and expects us to crawl around and play all the toddler games. We did our best and now we’re so sore and tired! But, what a wonderful way to get tired!

This short visit was initially planned for no other reason than to spend time with children and grandchildren. Unfortunately, we also had to add meetings with family members who are creating some legal problems for our elderly mother. I just came to stand up for her ability to live in peace.

legal meeting

It makes me think about my future. Those of us who are going to be more and more disabled as we age, will we be able to be kept in a safe and autonomous lifestyle? Who knows, right? Well, of course, we must do our part to have our legal papers ready (as best we can). It also helps to have great long-term care insurance. I couldn’t really afford that.

We do have a trust, which I thought was unbreakable. Now that I know it isn’t, I think we should learn about our options. As we age and have all these chronic illnesses, the time to learn about options is before we end up in the hospital or nursing home. Our heirs need to know options, too. Stress should be avoided as much as it can be. Loving family relationships need to be the primary goal, and it certainly is in our family.

I’m glad that we’re learning while we’re still healthy enough to make preparations and choices. Have you thought about what you and your children will face? Are your wishes totally understood and in legal langauge? Today is a good day to get started in preparation for the future.

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