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Dreaming Of Summer Beaches

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Spring has arrived and the weather is so much warmer. We’re all dreaming of vacations at the beach. Whether we go to the beach or just the closest swimming pool, summer is coming and we want to be ready to enjoy it. After a year of staying indoors the thought of having some normal summer fun is thrilling. The first thing I think about when considering a vacation is: what swimsuit will I wear?

Dreaming of Summer Beaches black swimsuit

After a year of yoga pants and tee shirts, we’re all ready to put on some light and airy clothes and feel the sun on our face. Swim wear shopping has not been my favorite ever since I hit forty. The mom-bod just isn’t what it used to be. Finding a cute and modest swimsuit is quite a chore. So many swimsuits just don’t have enough fabric to cover up what I would like to cover. Do you know what I mean?

I’m so glad to find a place that designs swimsuits that are perfect for women of all sizes. Fashion should fit us where we are, because we all deserve to look and feel our best. Whether you like a one-piece swimsuit, two-piece, tankini, or skirt, the swimwear at Lime Ricki swimwear is going to fit you! Discovering this women owned brand makes me smile! These sisters design swimming suits and beach wear that real women want. The suits are made right here in America, too.

Black-Striped Swimsuit

My favorite are the ruffled suits and the adorable high-waisted skirt. They also have some amazing cover-ups for lounging. You can chose up to 7 items to try and keep them for 7 days. Then, you’ll only pay for what you decide to keep. Isn’t that great? With sizes of XXS to 4X, there is a size for everyone. I hope you find a perfect swimsuit for yourself.

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