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Chronic Illness

You'll find posts covering many different chronic illnesses plus my personal chronic illness journey.

Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month

Awareness & Advocacy

I share Awareness Days and Months to help share awareness of visible and invisible chronic illnesses.

Product Reviews

When new products are introduced to me, I'll share my reviews with you. We all need better treatments and resources.

My main goal here is to challenge myself and you to be content no matter what illness you live with.  As a Christian, I feel challenged to live with my chronic illnesses with as much grace and serenity as possible.  I hope to encourage you.

Thumbs Up

Chronically Content has worked with companies, such as: Gudpod, .Personal Trainer Food, Welltopia, and more. We're happy to review products that are helpful to those of us living with chronic illness and pain.

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Lisa Ehrman