Financial Lessons I Learned The Hard Way

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As a young newlywed I had a lot to learn. My husband had a steady job and I worked part time. He didn’t make a huge salary, but it allowed us to be comfortable. Since I had never lived on my own, I don’t think I understood the seriousness of budgeting. My husband left it to me to manage the money and bills.


We used our credit card quite often. We knew that the check would come soon so that we could pay it off. But as medical bills came faster than we expected, our credit card was almost maxed out. We did that more than once and with more cards.

It actually took a few years before we got that paid off and under control. Now, we know that medical bills are going to be a huge part of our spending. Thankfully, we still have medical insurance. I know we wouldn’t survive without it.

Let me share with you some of the methods we used to get control of our money. Of course, it’s easy to say to not spend. But we had to do that when we got swamped with bills. Now I’ll share things I wish I had known when I was a newlywed.

Even though I am in denial, I must admit that 2023 will be coming to an end soon. This year has had many tough ordeals and I hope to make a few adjustments in 2024. Having multiple chronic illnesses has destroyed our budget.

How To Spend Less On Food

As you know, grocery prices are completely ridiculous. I’m not sure where you shop, but we don’t have a Costco or Sam’s here. We didn’t try hard enough or use all the methods available that could bring down the cost of food.

If you can, buy in bulk. Be careful not to buy candy and cakes in bulk, unless they are to be shared with many. Every major grocery store is going to have a good supply of healthy foods. We should do a better job of looking for all the discounts to lower our bill.

Some stores mail you valuable paper coupons. It’s a good idea to mark your calendar, reminding yourself when the coupons are going to expire. Digital coupons are my favorite because they can be used on online orders. Because I can’t shop for groceries in person, I’m so thankful for grocery delivery service.

I joined Walmart + and the Kroger eqivalent so that I can get free delivery on everything. There are some other good benefits, other than the delivery service. Check out the stores in your area for the possibility of getting free delivery. With my inability to walk through a grocery store without severe pain and feeling faint.

So, my biggest tip for money is that there needs to be a plan. Budgets work, but everyone needs to understand and agree on spending limits. Some people like paper, but free templates are my favorite.

hospital cost

How To Save When You Have Bills From Being Chronically Ill

For those of us with chronic illness, we have bills that can cost more than your paycheck. It’s necessary to find ways to pay less for pharmaceuticals. There are lots of discount cards that really knock down the price. I’ve used GoodRx many times. It has saved me hundreds and hundreds of dollars on my prescriptions.

To find other organizations that can make your drugs cheaper, ask your doctor and your pharmacist. If your specific disease has a foundation for helping patients, they may have applications for helping you to get free or very cheap medicines. Doctors have saved me thousands of dollars, because they gave me applications for free medications. Without this, I would not be able to take a few of my medications.

There’s also the option of comparing doctors online. If money is tight, it will save money if you can compare the prices for doctor visits. There are online companies that treat some conditions online. There are pharmacies that offer medical care and you can always go to the minute clinic. Some locations have a community health center, which cover some types of care.

When making a plan, get a budget that includes the expenses that are particular to you. Everyone has the same categories, like Food and Electric. Most people wouldn’t believe how much I spend on Medical, but it means that I have to cut out what I spend on other categories.

There are many more tips, but then I would have to write a book. I hope that this information will encourage you to keep working on good budgeting, so that you’ll have less stress.

@2023, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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