Fresh Start on Monday

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On Friday, I started taking a compounded version of semaglutide. The gradual introduction of this medicine is good for someone like me, because I frequently have bad reactions to medicines. So far, I’ve noticed nothing.


I’m very happy to start well, but my severe reaction to Otezla didn’t occur until I reached the therapeutic dose. There are many weeks before I reach that level. I’m only pre-diabetic but have severe obesity levels and my doctor recommended this for me to try.

I’m starting the Mediterranean diet, so that I’ll be training my body to eat a healthy diet now and in the future. I know that this drug won’t keep the weight off, as soon as I stop taking it. If I don’t get my diet to be healthy one now, I will just gain the weight back.

Because of my heart and ankle, losing weight is extremely important. My heart has mild ischemia and small amount of coronary heart disease. Although I’ve been diagnosed with Left Bundle Branch Block, it failed to show up on the latest Stress Test.

Losing weight may allow me to exercise and losing weight should help my heart not to get worse. Losing weight will also make my damaged ankle have less weight to carry. Whether or not I have surgery, the Avascular Necrosis needs the rest of my body to be at it’s best.

I’ve read that surgeons won’t operate on the talus with Avascular Necrosis if the patient is over 250 pounds. A repaired talus wouldn’t be prepared to carry this much weight. I’m not 250, but heavy enough that a doctor might reject me as a surgery patient.

So, after much thought, I’m trying this medicine. I’m praying that I’ll have no side effects, especially the serious ones. I don’t want another health problem, but I really must get this weight off. When I keep my mind on God there will be a peace in my heart that brings joy, even if I’m suffering.

I’ll keep you up-to-date on my progress.

I stopped wearing my hard boot on Saturday. I wore it 4 weeks and now must wear a fabric ankle brace. The doctor wanted me to wear the brace 3-4 weeks and then switch to the fabric one. I am definitely experiencing more pain in my foot and ankle.

curl hair

My emotions have been all over. It could be the new medicine or just a down-time. I am worried about my ankle. I have fears about what my new dermatologist will want to prescribe for my psoriasis. The third thing is the most important. My heart is on a path that could very well lead to a stroke or heart attack.

Strokes are in both sides of my family, but occurred well into the 80’s. My father had AFib and heart failure. The last thing that happened before he died was a stroke (he also had Covid-19). My prayer is that I can improve my heart health and avoid such a bad end.

On this Monday, I’m trying to push myself to stay on track with my most basic tasks. When I’m really down, I find it hard get out of my recliner to do anything. But, when I push myself to get up, showering and dressing well gives the impression of a functioning person.

Little things like fixing my hair can be uplifting. Since I’m going to see myself in the mirror today, I don’t like seeing myself such a mess. I can’t stay on my feet very long, because of the pain and having no hard brace to protect my ankle.

This week has just begun and I don’t know what will happen. Today, I choose to push myself a little bit. It will probably make my mental state a bit better. Where is your mental health today? I am praying that we all have a day that brings joy.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. If you are interested in being an advocate for mental health, you can check with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness).

4 thoughts on “Fresh Start on Monday”

  1. You can do this. You have the attitude and a great start. Sometimes I just put on lipstick, that is enough to change my effort.

  2. I read somewhere this quote: “One step at a time, one day at a time, just today, just this day to get through”. Rather than looking at the big picture, which can be overwhelming, it can be more helpful to just look at each step.

    You’ve got this!

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