Getting Ready for the Holiday Season Hurts

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Two days of the weekend were spent foolishly by me. With an unexpected group of guests coming Tuesday night, Hubby and I de-cluttered and cleaned the great room until we couldn’t walk, sit, or sleep. I wasn’t happy about people inviting themselves in, but honestly, people don’t have a clue how we live. From day to day, just keeping things sanitary is all we can do. We sanitize the kitchen and bathroom and lately we’ve spraying many surfaces with 7th Generation bacteria spray.

Tired woman at computer

We are totally exhausted! My arthritis is felt in joints I haven’t felt in a long while, and my muscles are so sore. My back hurts so much! My lordosis feels locked in place and bending at the waist kills me. My kyphosis is giving me plenty of headaches. At least in January, this area will be studied with an MRI. The doctor (spine doctor) will be looking to see if the horrible curve in my neck is causing the ever-growing buffalo hump. Cortisol was tested and it isn’t the culprit.

I just did a drug search for drug interactions. I had 36 total interactions and 4 were in the most dangerous category. Although I’ve mentioned this to my GP, I need to consult with another GP and see about getting rid of all these serious interactions. It’s no wonder that I’m always exhausted, dizzy, drowsy, moody, and feel like I’ve got the flu.

Tomorrow will be another very hard day, as Hubby and I are traveling for a short visit. Our oldest grandchild is in a play, where he plays “toddler” Jesus. We can’t wait to see him and the rest of the Christmas Nativity performance.

I have a feeling that we’ll have quite a few stops along the way. We need to get out and walk, stretching our legs. We might need to open the windows so that the fresh air can keep the driver alert. The doctor told me not to drive, especially since I’m still increasing my doses of Clonezapam and Hydroxyzine.

Cooking in Wheelchair

Christmas is coming so fast, that it’s leaving my head spinning. I see myself ordering and getting drive-up service to get those last minute gifts. If I go in the stores, they will need to be stores that have room for wheelchairs. No more walking long differences at all. I look forward to Christmas, but will have to do my work in a chair. My body says that I’m 60 but I feel like at least 80.

At least I’m still alive and not laying in the hospital. On our trip, we’ll be wearing masks in gas stations, etc. We’ve had our flu shot, but even adults can catch RSV. I’ll be traveling with disenfectant wipes and sprays. I hope that you will all stay free of the flu, RSV, or Covid during the next few weeks. We all want to be able to celebrate around those we love.

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